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We provide all the features that you need in order to collaborate effectively with your channel partners, manage them easily and increase your channel sales with success. Take a look at our features below and schedule a quick demo with our team.

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Elioplus PRM Features

Below you can see the list of our features that you need to manage and collaborate with your existing channel partners and increase your network with new ones as well

PRM Partner Directory

All your partners in one single place.
Invite your partners on your PRM account and in case you are already a Premium user of Elioplus then you can invite all your matches to join your account as well.
On the Partner Directory you can see all those partners that you have invited and their status (Pending or Confirmed).
Filter by name, email, country or status for easy access on their status.

prm partner directory

PRM Lead Distribution

Through our lead distribution feature every Vendor is able to send leads to their channel partners by submitting a form. Vendor is selecting the channel partners that want to forward the deal which they receive inside their Elioplus’ dashboard. This feature is very important to build a strong relationship with your channel partners, both parts can increase sales and satisfy your clients.

lead distribution

PRM Deal Registration

Secure your channel partners' sales.

Your channel partners can now secure a deal for a certain period of your choice in order to ensure that no one else is going to approach the same client.
Take a look at the deals of your partners. Approve or reject them.
Track who the partner that wins more deals is and have a clear view of their potential clients’ profile.

prm deal registration

PRM P2P (Partner to Partner)

Increase sales through collaboration between your channel partners.

What is P2P?
Imagine that you have a UK reseller and a reseller in France for your SaaS. The UK reseller has a potential client from France that is interested in buying your solution. Through our P2P feature the UK reseller will be able to collaborate with the French one in order to win this deal and sell your solution. Everyone wins!
Resellers that you have invited into your PRM account and have accepted this invitation will be able to submit a simple form with the details of their potential client and collaborate with those that fill the criteria of product and geographic location.

P2P is a very important channel sales feature that only few systems are providing because they don’t have the suitable network to support it. Elioplus , by having a huge network of channel partners that are subscribed for free on the platform , is giving the opportunity to channel partners that are not already your resellers to compete for winning a deal of a reseller of yours, in order to win the deal through collaboration and have great chances to be added into your channel network.

They receive a message into their Elioplus’ account when a reseller adds a deal, they communicate and collaborate until they win the deal.

prm partner to partner feature

PRM Onboarding

Onboarding channel partners is the mechanism that allows your channel partners to have access to the necessary knowledge and material that will help them undrestand your product quickly and become familiar with the sales and marketing process that must be followed. An onboarding process that will lead to sales success will help your channel partners to have the answers to all those questions before they start selling your products. It’s very important, for your partners’ sales, that you provide all the necessary material at the beginning of your collaboration. At Elioplus we understand this value and according to your feedback we created the Onboarding feature.

Enter the Partner Onboarding tab on your dashboard and upload your files and videos that are needed in order to help your channel partners become effective in terms of sales by having the right knowledge and skills from the beginning of your partnership.

To upload the material is a very simple process. Just put a title on your file, select the type of file and upload it. Your resellers that you have invited on your PRM account and have accepted this invitation will now be able to have access to your onboard material by entering the Vendor Resources tab of their free Elioplus account as you can see on the image.

prm onboarding

PRM Library Storage

Every user of Elioplus enjoys a 2 GB library storage for free!

For Premium users the available storage can be increased to 20 GB.

Upload your files and categorize them as product updates, marketing material, banners or documentation.

Send the files to your channel partners and receive files from them as well. You can easily find out what content you have exchanged with each one and analytics about visibility of any file.

We commit space from your available storage only for those files that you upload and not for those that you receive.

prm library storage feature

PRM Real time Collaboration

Invite your channel partners to join your PRM account with ease. See who has accepted your invitation and who has not.

Communicate real time with your partners, provide them sales and marketing material, product updates and more. Track who has seen your messages and who has downloaded your material.

Create groups and send different material to channel partners that meet the criteria of your choice. For example, provide different material to European channel partners from those in North America.

Make your resellers more active and more productive through collaboration in order to achieve some certain goals.

prm real time collaboration

Partner Recruitment

Having the competitive advantage in helping software, SaaS and cloud services companies to increase their channel network with quality partners, we decided to include this amazing feature in the functionality of our PRM software as an add-on.

Target the partners that you really need through several criteria of your partner program like product category (80+ different software and cloud services verticals like CRM, ERP, BI, BPM, IT security, Unified communication, LMS and much more), training, support, localization, integrations, company size, industry, geographic locations and more.

Combine management and recruitment that covers 100% all your channel development and sales needs.