Manage your vendor communication and collaboration in one place

No matter how many vendors you are partnering with, now you can unify all your vendors in one dashboard and save time and resources for your company in order to sell more.

Partner with new vendors

Find new products to add to your portfolio or switch between vendors that offer similar products with ease. We provide all the information you need to compare different solutions and partner programs so you can make the right choice.
Manage vendors

Add your team

Invite team members from your company that handle with different aspects in your partner network. You can add your sales team or your marketing team for example in order to receive relevant content from your vendors directly to them.

Collaborate with your vendors

No matter how many vendors you are partnering with, now you can collaborate and receive relevant content, all in one dashboard so you can get the maximum functionality and save time and resources.
Collaborate with vendors
Content library

Content library

All the content you receive from your vendors is archived in categories for easy access. Search by vendor, type of content or date to find everything you need quickly. If you’re just starting with a new vendor, all the content distributed in the past is waiting for you.


Forget about the tedious task of reporting to your vendor again. We make reporting obsolete by syncing with the service you are using to automatically collect data for your vendor so you don’t have to do data entry no more. (Coming soon)
Content library

Create synergies with Partners

Collaborate with other channel partners to close bigger customer deals, earn more revenue, sell higher into the customer organization.
Content library

Any suggestions?

We love feedback! If you have any suggestion or a feature that would make your life easier, feel free to send us your comments
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Free. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Signing up and using our tools and service is completely free. Add as many team members as you like and vendors as well.