Written at 22 May, 2015 9:44:00 AM by Ed Lachance
    • “I don’t have the budget for this…”

      When your organization makes a significant investment in new technology and processes, the budget item to most often get cut is anything equated with “softer” benefits. Recent compelling research, however, shows that this practice is swiftly becoming outmoded, outdated and, even, more expensive in the long run. When the deciding factor of a successful implementation is user adoption, more and more projects are reallocating funds to ensure that Change Management makes the cut. Why? Because without it, bigger and longer-term issues are revealing themselves. Or, to be frank, at the end of the day, organizations can’t afford NOT to do it. Simple as that.


      What will it cost if you DON’T invest in Change Management? A lot:

      • Project delays

      • Missed milestones

      • Budget overruns

      • Rework required on design

      • Loss of work by project team


      According to a recent study conducted by Prosci, a leader in benchmarking research and Change Management products, the use of a dedicated resource for Change Management greatly impacted the overall effectiveness of the project. Only 28% of participants reporting on a project without a dedicated Change Management resource evaluated their change management program as “Good” or “Excellent” compared to 63% of those with a dedicated Change Management resource.

      Which side will you be on?

      The Challenge

      A leader in uniform rental and facility products, was undergoing an exciting HR business transformation powered by Oracle HCM technology. The purse strings were tightened due to the massive tech investment the organization was making. The good news? They understood – and were committed to – the integral role of Change Management and Communications in the adoption of their new technology, systems and processes.

      So they called on Frank.

      The Solution

      With a tight budget and timeframe – and a self-proclaimed “Internal Communications Department of One” – the Off-the-Shelf Frank IT Change Kit was the perfect solution for the HCM Project. With robust Change Readiness Tools and a complete Change Communications Campaign, they were able to implement a successful change program at a fraction of the cost of traditional Change Management.

      So call Frank..a..Ed

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