Written at 17 September, 2015 7:19:00 AM by Elias Ndreu
    • Whether you’re new to “The Channel” or a seasoned vet, one thing has become undeniably clear: visibility on marketing performance throughout the channel is an absolute must-have for B2B Channel Marketers. Insights gained from concrete data enable time-sensitive decisions to be made quickly (and with confidence), campaigns to be optimized to performance, and strategies adjusted to increase partner engagement- all ultimately driving marketing ROI (pretty obvious why it’s a must-have, right?). But there are literally hundreds of metrics you could track…so where does one begin? - See more at: http://blog.structuredweb.com/post/129150674819/5-metrics-every-channel-marketer-needs-to-know?gclid=CIS4jNHYycgCFYydGwodfPkMyQ#sthash.9UMbcFNP.dpuf
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