Written at 5 February, 2016 8:27:00 AM by Mantzikos Christos
    • When you are a vendor and your strategy is to do indirect sales through channel partners like resellers or VARs, have a great product is only half the job when recruiting new partners. Having a proper partner program in place describing exactly what you are offering and what you are requiring in exchange means the world for your partners.

      Most times resellers will choose to resell a product that is marginally inferior to another if the second one has a more robust partner program and the vendor is offering a better deal in terms of partner enablement. Below we outline some key elements that should be included in your partner program brochure (if you don’t have one start creating it immediately). Of course there are differences from one business to another and it depends on what strategy you want to follow so these points work as an example, you can add or remove content based on your needs.
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