Written at 30 March, 2016 1:19:00 PM by Elias Ndreu
    • Whenever I’m developing a Go-To-Market strategy for an IT product or service, my top goal is to find the most effective way to reach the target customers and achieve the business growth objectives. While considering the various single or multi-channel distribution options, I have to consider multiple factors, such as what will drive the fastest revenue growth, maximize customer success, and build a sustainable business.

      The key in this complex equation is simplified

      by focusing on the customer.

      The digital transformation is having a massive impact on how and where customers acquire IT technology. This transformation in customers’ purchasing behavior is the driving force behind my last post, Why it may be time for a 100% Channel Strategy. However, depending on your product and target market, a multi-channel strategy that includes direct sales may be the right approach. Like skydivers flying in formation, the key is to understand the role and expectation of every member of your multi-channel team. How do you segment the role of your direct sales team versus that of your channel partners?
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