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Create one-off or long term partnerships with other channel companies, that you belong to the same partner networks, to win more deals based on your industry expertise and location.

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Sing up and join the partner Sing up and join the partner networks of your tech vendors to have access to their partners. If you can’t find them on our platform yet you can invite them. It’s free for your company and theirs as well.

Share or receive deals

Share a deal with your partner networks to find a collaborator based on their expertise or location or receive deals that are relevant to you from your networks. The more networks you have joined the more deals you will be receiving.

Get new customers

Once you have found what you are looking for you can exchange more details to take the next steps and win more deals. When you share deals you are the first to get access to new deals on our platform to help you reach new clients.

Why it Works

Share a deal to win a customer

Share a deal to win a new customer

We match you with companies that offer the required technologies, that have joined the same tech vendors as you and have knowledge of the industry you are looking for, as well as the location, to speed up the process.

Receive interest from trusted companies

Receive interest from trusted companies

After you add some details concerning the deal, it is shared with companies that belong to the same partner networks as your company does, for example those tech vendors you have partnered with. This insures that you will find what you are looking for quickly and that the companies will be from a trusted source.

Once you have received interest from potential collaborators you can evaluate them and get in touch with the companies that are the best option to move forward and win your customer.

Receive a deal

Receive new deals

After the sign up process, you can browse the tech vendors based on your current product and service offerings to join their network. If any of your tech partners is not yet on our platform you can invite them, it’s free for them to join as well. The more partners you have on your network the better opportunities you have to receive new deals from their network.

When you receive a new deal based on your expertise and location you can message the company that upload it to express your interest and collaborate together to win the customer.

Share and you shall receive

Share and you shall receive

Companies that upload a deal have exclusive access to new deals that get uploaded for 48 hours before they are visible to other companies on our platform that fulfil the criteria.

In order to reward companies that share a deal, we provide them access to deals that are uploaded on our platform and match the criteria, for two days, so they have the head start to express their interest and join the deal.

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