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MammothDB is an inexpensive alternative to Teradata or Oracle Exadata. Hosted in the cloud, or on-premises, MammothDB is an enterprise analytics database engine at affordable prices.


MammothDB is:

A relational SQL-compliant, parallel processing, shared-nothing, massively distributed database for running analytical workloads on a cluster of commodity servers!

MammothDB is completely industry standard (star and snowflake data schema's), including for ETL and reporting (SQL compliant).

Use any front-end reporting tool you like (including Microsoft Excel), or you can use our built-in cloud-based visualisation tools.

Company Information

Industry: E-Commerce, Enterprise, Software
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Market specialisation: Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B), Enterprise (B2B)
Partner program: Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR), Distributor, System Integrator, Service Provider
API: Business Services, Media & Entertainment
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Address: Ul. Trakia #35, Sofia, 1504, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 - 889808044

Registration date: 06/11/2014

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