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Self-inspection tool: browser-based and cloud hosted. ApS has developed EDOC, an easy-to-use, agile tool for setting up and performing self-inspection, quality control, audits and any kind of checks you can think of.

EDOC originates within the food service industri to aid carrying out HCCAP based self-montering, but has gone beyond this and can be used as a light business intelligence system.

Description ApS are looking for companies that provide their customers with consulting services in food safety, self inspection, auditing, HCCAP, health care etc. but need a software solution to "wrap it in" or a platform to connect with their customers.

Do your company offer services to business chains in the food industri?

For the business chain EDOC provides a single-solution for self-inspection and quality assurance. The central access to records from all the business outlets gives you unique opportunities for effective monitoring. It also means that you can react quickly on events that could otherwise affect the chain’s brand negatively.

Do you offer consulting services?

As a consulting company you may want to use EDOC to keep your customers closer and get a robust understanding of their operation. We offer consulting companies EDOC as a private label, meaning that the solution appears to be your company’s own product.

Our services to you:

We train your staff to manage the system and we support your teams along the way.

Your license EDOC one SIP at a time and you only pay for what you use; no start up fee, only SaaS.

You resell EDOC for what ever price you can get for it.

Your customers need 2-5 minuts of instructions to get going.

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