Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You can create a profile page for your company and promote your partner program to our users and visitors for free.
Yes. We are currently developing our premium feature that will help you target the most relevant resellers/developers and forward your program/API structure.
Apart from promoting your company/work, we make it easy to discover new innovative products and get information about the partner program/API. You can also make settings in order to get notified early and compare between competitive programs so you can take the best decision about which vendor to trust. Our coming community is also a good reason to join.
Yes. As a registered user you have unlimited search discovery, although we limit the number of companies you can contact each day for security reasons.
We do our best to check and verify the data provided by our users but it their responsibility to give us accurate data. We want to keep the quality of content on our website very high and we are developing tools towards this direction in order to provide accurate and relevant information.

Faq about our matching process

Our matching process feature is in beta mode and is helping our users to get matched accurately, fast and affordable with the partners that fit their needs.
By submitting the criteria you are giving all the necessary information to our system in order to match you with the right partners. This is a very important step and it’s free. You can always change your criteria and save them to our system.
You can see your possible partnership opportunities on the top of the matching process page. It shows the matchings according to the products you had selected at your registration process! If you want to run our matching process for certain products then you can unclick those that you are not interested right now and then submit your partnership criteria.
When you pay for our premium package you are getting matched with the partners that fit your needs according to the criteria you have provided to our system. Then, before your monthly subscription ends you will receive a detailed report with all the information you need from the companies that we have sent your company details for partnership. Also, you ‘ll find these companies in ‘My Connections’ tab of your dashboard before the end of your monthly subscription too. You won’t miss anything! You will be notified from us about the results of the matching process through follow up emails to the email address of your account!
We will send you the detailed report from all the companies that we have delivered your company details for partnership before the end of your monthly subscription. We will also keep you informed about how procedure is going. Also, you‘ll find these companies in ‘My Connections’ tab of your dashboard before the end of your monthly subscription too.
The data you provide us with your partners is private and will not be visible on Elioplus. You are uploading the CSV file in order to get matched with new partners and not with those you already have!

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Elioplus is a B2B business development platform that enables software, SaaS and cloud vendors to recruit and manage their channel partners. We use over 15 main criteria in order to match quickly, effectively and with accuracy vendors with resellers and help them establish valuable partnerships. Learn more...

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