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108153D Architecture3d_architecture 3D Architecture (84)
109153D CAD3d_cad 3D CAD (148)
376Accountingaccounting Accounting (879)
91Ad Servingad_serving Ad Serving (648)
71Affiliate Marketingaffiliate_marketing Affiliate Marketing (75)
335Analytics Softwareanalytics_software Analytics Software (1932)
498API Toolsapi_tools API Tools (52)
427Applicant Trackingapplicant_tracking Applicant Tracking (41)
12211Application Securityapplication_security Application Security (14)
1154Asset Lifecycle Managementasset_lifecycle_management Asset Lifecycle Management (13)
7911Backup & Restorebackup_and_restore Backup & Restore (2575)
879Big Databig_data Big Data (1057)
406Billing & Invoicingbilling_and_invoicing Billing & Invoicing (65)
10715BIMbim BIM (17)
416Budgetingbudgeting Budgeting (63)
508Bug Trackersbug_trackers Bug Trackers (12)
345Business Intelligencebusiness_intelligence Business Intelligence (2413)
274Business Process Managementbusiness_process_management Business Process Management (1552)
6610Calendar & Schedulingcalendar_and_scheduling Calendar & Scheduling (724)
10415CAMcam CAM (29)
21Campaign Managementcampaign_management Campaign Management (603)
1184Change Managementchange_management Change Management (47)
2414Chat & Web Conferencechat_and_web_conference Chat & Web Conference (75)
1202Chatbotchatbot Chatbot (19)
589Cloud Integration (iPaaS)cloud_integration_(ipaas) Cloud Integration (iPaaS) (148)
599Cloud Managementcloud_management Cloud Management (505)
609Cloud Storagecloud_storage Cloud Storage (1563)
1164CMMScmms CMMS (6)
9714Collaborationcollaboration Collaboration (870)
365Competitive Intelligencecompetitive_intelligence Competitive Intelligence (10)
12411Compliancecompliance Compliance (216)
9814Conferencingconferencing Conferencing (6)
41Content Marketingcontent_marketing Content Marketing (423)
182CRMcrm CRM (3083)
919Data Integrationdata_integration Data Integration (419)
929Data Managementdata_management Data Management (494)
8911Data Maskingdata_masking Data Masking (31)
7511Data Securitydata_security Data Security (4496)
355Data Visualizationdata_visualization Data Visualization (255)
889Data Warehousingdata_warehousing Data Warehousing (688)
909Databasesdatabases Databases (709)
518Development Toolsdevelopment_tools Development Tools (153)
284Digital Asset Managementdigital_asset_management Digital Asset Management (40)
131Document Managementdocument_management Document Management (1378)
951ECMecm ECM (259)
528eCommerceecommerce eCommerce (1386)
8513eLearningelearning eLearning (843)
6710Emailemail Email (3791)
11Email Marketingemail_marketing Email Marketing (617)
151Engagement Toolsengagement_tools Engagement Tools (132)
1134Enterprise Asset Managemententerprise_asset_management Enterprise Asset Management (88)
294ERPerp ERP (2432)
171E-Signaturee-signature E-Signature (14)
101Event Managementevent_management Event Management (52)
1144Facility Managementfacility_management Facility Management (32)
212Feedback Managementfeedback_management Feedback Management (23)
263File Sharing Softwarefile_sharing_software File Sharing Software (115)
7711Firewallfirewall Firewall (833)
1174Fleet Managementfleet_management Fleet Management (71)
538Frameworks & Librariesframeworks_and_libraries Frameworks & Libraries (39)
12511Fraud Preventionfraud_prevention Fraud Prevention (54)
222Gamification & Loyaltygamification_and_loyalty Gamification & Loyalty (94)
10315General-Purpose CADgeneral-purpose_cad General-Purpose CAD (157)
12311Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)governance,_risk_and_compliance_(grc) Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) (274)
8012Graphic Designgraphic_design Graphic Design (490)
8613Healthcarehealthcare Healthcare (384)
192Help Deskhelp_desk Help Desk (402)
437HR Administrationhr_administration HR Administration (902)
9311Identity Managementidentity_management Identity Management (200)
8112Infographicsinfographics Infographics (27)
304Inventory Managementinventory_management Inventory Management (178)
253Knowledge Managementknowledge_management Knowledge Management (33)
477Learning Management Systemlearning_management_system Learning Management System (1501)
202Live Chatlive_chat Live Chat (94)
1105Location Intelligencelocation_intelligence Location Intelligence (367)
31Marketing Automationmarketing_automation Marketing Automation (872)
7811Mobile Data Securitymobile_data_security Mobile Data Security (42)
548Mobile Developmentmobile_development Mobile Development (770)
9614Mobilitymobility Mobility (263)
6810Note Takingnote_taking Note Taking (3)
558Optimizationoptimization Optimization (178)
6910Password Managementpassword_management Password Management (115)
386Payment Processingpayment_processing Payment Processing (49)
447Payrollpayroll Payroll (292)
10615PDM (Product Data Management)pdm_(product_data_management) PDM (Product Data Management) (19)
12111Penetration Testingpenetration_testing Penetration Testing (63)
457Performance Managementperformance_management Performance Management (902)
10515PLMplm PLM (55)
161POSpos POS (827)
7010Presentationspresentations Presentations (7)
1194Procurementprocurement Procurement (26)
7110Productivity Suitesproductivity_suites Productivity Suites (901)
233Project Management Toolsproject_management_tools Project Management Tools (1499)
121Quotes & Ordersquotes_and_orders Quotes & Orders (68)
467Recruitingrecruiting Recruiting (50)
619Remote Accessremote_access Remote Access (74)
9411Risk Managementrisk_management Risk Management (749)
141Sales Intelligencesales_intelligence Sales Intelligence (68)
111Sales Process Managementsales_process_management Sales Process Management (74)
51SEO & SEMseo_and_sem SEO & SEM (1286)
314Shipping & Trackingshipping_and_tracking Shipping & Tracking (67)
12613Simulation Softwaresimulation_software
61Social Media Marketingsocial_media_marketing Social Media Marketing (1120)
7210Spreadsheetsspreadsheets Spreadsheets (712)
844Supply Chain Executionsupply_chain_execution Supply Chain Execution (30)
324Supply Chain Managementsupply_chain_management Supply Chain Management (261)
81Surveys & Formssurveys_and_forms Surveys & Forms (30)
7310Task Managementtask_management Task Management (26)
10114Team Collaborationteam_collaboration Team Collaboration (18)
487Time & Expensetime_and_expense Time & Expense (27)
396Time & Expensestime_and_expenses Time & Expenses (19)
7410Time Managementtime_management Time Management (13)
1114Track Managementtrack_management Track Management (1)
10014Unified Communicationsunified_communications Unified Communications (489)
9914Unified Messagingunified_messaging Unified Messaging (10)
568Usability Testingusability_testing Usability Testing (44)
10214Video Conferencingvideo_conferencing Video Conferencing (213)
8212Video Editingvideo_editing Video Editing (50)
629Virtualizationvirtualization Virtualization (1971)
6514VOIPvoip VOIP (1703)
7611Vulnerability Managementvulnerability_management Vulnerability Management (182)
834Warehouse Managementwarehouse_management Warehouse Management (91)
639Web Hostingweb_hosting Web Hosting (856)
649Web Monitoringweb_monitoring Web Monitoring (485)
578Websiteswebsites Websites (2212)
1124Workflow Managementworkflow_management Workflow Management (48)

By Vendor/Technology

Email Resellers

1G Suite Resellersg-suite G Suite Resellers
2Office 365 Resellersoffice-365 Office 365 Resellers
3Kerio Resellerskerio-connect Kerio Resellers
4Zimbra Resellerszimbra Zimbra Resellers
5Mimecast Resellersmimecast Mimecast Resellers
6Icewarp Resellersicewarp Icewarp Resellers

Microsoft Resellers

1Office 365 Resellersoffice-365 Office 365 Resellers
2Sharepoint Resellerssharepoint Sharepoint Resellers
3Dynamics Resellersdynamics Dynamics Resellers
4Yammer Resellersyammer Yammer Resellers
5Azure Resellersazure Azure Resellers
6PowerBI Resellerspower-bi PowerBI Resellers
7Skype Resellersskype Skype Resellers

Data Security Resellers

1Check Point Resellerscheck-point Check Point Resellers
2McAfee Resellersmcafee McAfee Resellers
3Imperva Resellersimperva Imperva Resellers
4Sophos Resellerssophos Sophos Resellers
5Juniper Networks Resellersjuniper-networks Juniper Networks Resellers
6A10 Networks Resellersa10-networks A10 Networks Resellers
7AlienVault Resellersalienvault AlienVault Resellers
8Anomali Resellersanomali Anomali Resellers
9Barracuda Networks Resellersbarracuda-networks Barracuda Networks Resellers
10BeyondTrust Resellersbeyondtrust BeyondTrust Resellers
11Bitdefender Resellersbitdefender Bitdefender Resellers
12BitSight Resellersbitsight BitSight Resellers
13Blue Coat Resellersblue-coat Blue Coat Resellers
14Boldon James Resellersboldon-james Boldon James Resellers
15Bomgar Resellersbomgar Bomgar Resellers
16Carbon Black Resellerscarbon-black Carbon Black Resellers
17Centrify Resellerscentrify Centrify Resellers
18Checkmarx Resellerscheckmarx Checkmarx Resellers
19Cloudflare Resellerscloudflare Cloudflare Resellers
20CrowdStrike Resellerscrowdstrike CrowdStrike Resellers
21Cyber Essentials Resellerscyber-essentials Cyber Essentials Resellers
22CyberArk Resellerscyberark CyberArk Resellers
23F5 Networks Resellersf5-networks F5 Networks Resellers
24Fortinet Resellersfortinet Fortinet Resellers
25F-Secure Resellersf-secure F-Secure Resellers
26ESET Resellerseset ESET Resellers
27Gemalto Resellersgemalto Gemalto Resellers
28Kaspersky Resellerskaspersky Kaspersky Resellers
29LogRhythm Resellerslogrythm LogRhythm Resellers
30Malwarebytes Resellersmalwarebytes Malwarebytes Resellers
31ObserveIT Resellersobserveit ObserveIT Resellers
32Okta Resellersokta Okta Resellers
33Palo Alto Networks Resellerspalo-alto-networks Palo Alto Networks Resellers
34Rapid7 Resellersrapid7 Rapid7 Resellers
35Red Hat Resellersred-hat Red Hat Resellers
36RSA Resellersrsa RSA Resellers
37Skybox Security Resellersskybox-security Skybox Security Resellers
38Splunk Resellerssplunk Splunk Resellers
39Symantec Resellerssymantec Symantec Resellers
40Tenable Resellerstenable Tenable Resellers
41Thycotic Resellersthycotic Thycotic Resellers
42Forcepoint Resellersforcepoint Forcepoint Resellers

CRM Resellers

1Salesforce Resellerssalesforce Salesforce Resellers
2Dynamics Resellersdynamics Dynamics Resellers
3SugarCRM Resellerssugar-crm SugarCRM Resellers
4Zoho Resellerszoho Zoho Resellers
5Sage Resellerssage Sage Resellers
6Vtiger Resellersvtiger Vtiger Resellers
7VTE Resellersvte VTE Resellers
8SuiteCRM Resellerssuite-crm SuiteCRM Resellers
9Hubspot Resellershubspot Hubspot Resellers
10ACT Resellersact ACT Resellers
11BPM'Online Resellersbpm-online BPM'Online Resellers
121CRM Resellers1crm 1CRM Resellers
13Bitrix24 Resellersbitrix24 Bitrix24 Resellers
14Zendesk Resellerszendesk Zendesk Resellers

ERP Resellers

1SAP Business One Resellerssap-business-one SAP Business One Resellers
2Infor Resellersinfor Infor Resellers
3Odoo Resellersodoo Odoo Resellers
4Epicor Resellersepicor Epicor Resellers
5Tally Resellerstally Tally Resellers
6Acumatica Resellersacumatica Acumatica Resellers
7JD Edwards Resellersjd-edwards JD Edwards Resellers

LMS Resellers

1Moodle Resellersmoodle Moodle Resellers
2Articulate Resellersarticulate Articulate Resellers
3Totara Resellerstotara Totara Resellers
4Docebo Resellersdocebo Docebo Resellers
5eFront Resellerse-front eFront Resellers

Business Intelligence Resellers

1Tableau Resellerstableau Tableau Resellers
2SAS Resellerssas SAS Resellers
3Qlik Resellersqlik Qlik Resellers
4Board ResellersBoard Board Resellers
5Birst ResellersBirst Birst Resellers
6XLCubed Resellersxlcubed XLCubed Resellers
7Alteryx Resellersalteryx Alteryx Resellers
8Yellowfin Resellersyellowfin Yellowfin Resellers
9Arcplan Resellersarcplan Arcplan Resellers
10Collibra Resellerscollibra Collibra Resellers
11MicroStrategy Resellersmicrostrategy MicroStrategy Resellers
12New Relic Resellersnew-relic New Relic Resellers
13Nuance Resellersnuance Nuance Resellers
14OLAP Resellersolap OLAP Resellers
15Pentaho Resellerspentaho Pentaho Resellers
16Sisense Resellerssisense Sisense Resellers
17TIBCO Resellerstibco TIBCO Resellers

Performance Management Resellers

1QPR Resellersqpr QPR Resellers
2Jedox Resellersjedox Jedox Resellers
3Board ResellersBoard Board Resellers
4Anaplan Resellersanaplan Anaplan Resellers
5Adaptive Insights Resellersadaptive-insights Adaptive Insights Resellers
4CXO Software Resellerscxo-software CXO Software Resellers
5Longview Resellerslongview Longview Resellers

What is a channel partner?

A channel partner is a company or individual in some cases that partners with a manufacturer or vendor to market and sell their products, technologies or services. The channel company although sells products and services on behalf of their partnering vendor and belongs to the indirect sales force, it is and acts as an independent company. This means that a specific channel partner may have partnerships with more than one vendor and in fact the average channel partner works with 7-10 different IT vendors at a given period. Due to the explosive evolution in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry many channel partners produce and promote their own products as well.

What are the different types of channel partners?

Channel partner models have evolved over time and there are new breakthroughs in the partnership models due to the complex of the vendor-partner relationship. Nonetheless, some broad categories still dominate the market today.


The reseller model has existed for many decades and it’s the traditional relationship were a channel company resells a product or service as it is on behalf of its vendor.

Software resellers have played a key role in the growth of this industry offering software products and solutions to local businesses either on premise or using the SaaS model mainly in the last decade. Many SaaS companies also offer a white label solution that allows a channel partner to resell the product as it is using its own branding instead of the vendor’s.

Value Added Reseller (VAR):

A Value Added Reseller (VAR) is a company that buys a product (hardware or software) and adds value by integrating additional features or services to the original product and then resells it to its customers. For example, a VAR might buy a hardware product add its own developed features and then sell it or it may just offer services like installation, support and training for SaaS products. Some of these companies are also referred as solution providers.

IT Consultant:

IT consultants have been on the rise and more and more vendors are interested to partner with consultants to help them promote their offerings. An IT consultant is a professional that provides advice, network design services, project management and support. IT consultants usually don’t have long term contract to manage and monitor the clients’ infrastructure as opposed to MSPs described below, but rather engage in the beginning of the implementation process.

Managed Service Provider (MSP):

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that manages and monitors the IT infrastructure for their clients. Usually, small and mid-sized businesses hire an MSP because they lack the IT personnel or they want to minimize their overhead while they ensure that their IT department runs efficiently. MSPs monitor and manage a customer’s IT equipment remotely, the end user devices, new product installation and many more.

Systems Integrator (SI):

Although systems integrators (SI) have been around for more than three decades, today SIs play a vital role for many businesses due to the different systems they use to run their business or to meet customer demand. A SI integrates different hardware or software products into one customized solution that meets the criteria of its customers to help them run efficiently or achieve specific business objectives.


A distributor is a middleman, the company between the vendor that produces the product and the channel partner who resells it to the end customers. A distributor has already in place a network of channel partners and this is the main reason why some vendors prefer to work with distributors, to minimize their time to market. Also, it has some other advantages as reduces the complexity due to the fact that the vendor will maintain a smaller partner network and won’t have to deal with support etc. of the channel. Some distributors offer additional services to become more lucrative such as training, technical assistance, marketing and sales support for their channel partners.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM):

Although OEMs were traditionally building products to be modified, rebranded and resold, today there are two cases. OEMs will purchase a technology to rebrand it and sell it as their own or will bundle additional features and resell it.

How to build a channel partnership?

Channel partnerships can be a win-win relationship for both the vendor and the channel partner. A vendor should create an ideal channel partner profile before engaging with potential partners. Then there are several criteria on our platform to help you track these companies and reach out to them. When reaching out make sure to provide your potential partners a concise message of what are the benefits and requirements partnering with your company. And please keep in mind that the most important part comes afterwards, how to maintain a successful relationship with your partners.