Impartner PRM vs Elioplus PRM

Compare Impartner vs. Elioplus PRM, a free alternative to manage your partner network.

Impartner is offering a Partner Relationship Management solution that has all the basic functionality for vendors to manage their channel network. Although the company promotes its product on their website to be suitable for small and mid-sized businesses and for enterprise companies as well, their clientele, pricing and set up is geared towards the latter.

Rather than waiting for 14 days to have your partner portal set up, the Elioplus PRM is ready once you have signed up so you can invite your partners, having a branded log in and sign up page instantaneously and any customization that you may require in a couple of days, completely free. Also, you can benefit from the free plan with access to all features in order to try the Elioplus PRM for as long as you’d like (ideal for vendors with a small partner network) before you upgrade to a premium plan and manage hundreds or thousands of partners.


Elioplus PRM

Onboarding check-icon2 check-icon2
Deal Registration check-icon2 check-icon2
Lead Distribution check-icon2 check-icon2
Collaboration check-icon2 check-icon2
Partner Activity check-icon2 check-icon2
Forecasting check-icon2 check-icon2
Partner Locator check-icon2 check-icon2
Integrations check-icon2 check-icon2
Partner-to-Partner check-icon check-icon2
Partner Recruitment check-icon check-icon2
Free Plan check-icon check-icon2

Partner-to-Partner: Incentivize your partners with leads

Partner-to-Partner is a great way to provide your partners with new leads to increase their sales and get them incentivized. This feature allows channel partners to share and receive deals based on product category, location and technology. Since your PRM sits on top of our network your partners will have access to relevant deals coming from thousands of other channel companies.

For example, a channel company that has a potential client but don’t focus on that specific industry or market can upload this deal on the P2P network to find a partner and collaborate to close successfully the deal. This can be a one-off collaboration or a long-term partnership.

In addition, Elioplus ranks for various industry keywords and attracts many leads that can be relevant to your channel partners. These deals are uploaded as well to our P2P tool and your partners can have access and receive leads based on their product portfolio and location.


Elioplus PRM helps you to collaborate in real time with your partners and engage into meaningful conversations concerning product feedback or requests, sending marketing material or even provide support. The collaboration tool enables you to have one-on-one conversations with a partner or create groups based on the location or any other criteria that is useful for your business. This enables your channel partner managers to have real time conversations with a company or a group of people in order to send material relevant to their businesses.

All documents are added to the content system and archived for easy access at any time. In addition, it enables your partners to have direct communication with each other, only when you create a group, so they can collaborate and support each other in order to increase their productivity and reduce resources on your part.

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