Team Roles and Permissions

We are giving you the ability to create unlimited roles to assign to your team members, you can give specific permissions to roles and you can invite unlimited team members in order to join your partner portal.

Create Roles and Give Permissions

Through Elioplus you can create unlimited roles and give them access or not to specific functionalities of the portal.

Create Roles

For example you can give to a specific role the right to view the Deal Registration tab and not edit or delete the deals. Similarly, you can give permissions to view, edit or delete content from the Lead Distribution and Onboarding tab.

Roles Permissions

VIEW tabs, ADD deals and leads, EDIT forms, DELETE leads, deals and forms, INVITE team members, ASSIGN partners to team members, UPLOAD files are some of the commands that can apply to the roles created.

Invite Unlimited Team members

Also, through Elioplus PRM you can invite unlimited team members in order to have access to your company’s partner portal. Your channel partners can invite unlimited team members with no cost too.

PRM Team