Partner management

The partner management functionality enables you to have a 360 degree view for any of your partners. You can view each partner’s activity like logins, documentation viewed or courses taken, their revenue analytics like commissions, average sales and total revenue and also their team. There are four sections in each partner’s profile: company information, activity, analytics and team.

Company information:

In the company information section you will find the general company details. For example website, main email account, location, phone number, tier and progress, earnings, commissions and their dedicated channel account manager if you have assigned someone from your team.


In order to better manage your partners you will need to view their activity stream to check how active they are on your partner portal. In this stream you will find data concerning their logins, the documentation they view from their partner onboarding, messages that have been sent and courses taken. These data are valuable and help your channel managers to re-active partners that are lagging or those that don’t take full advantage of their partner portal.


In this tab you can find information concerning the financial performance of each channel partner like their total and monthly revenues, the average sales, their winning rates and average sales cycle.


In the team tab you can view the entire team of a specific channel partner that have joined their account and their role so you can get in touch with the most appropriate person when in need.

Apart from the above you can also delete any channel company that is no longer in your network or message them directly from the partner directory.

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partner management activity
partner management analytics