Partner Directory

This is the feature that you use to invite your channel partners in order to join your Partner Portal. In order to use your PRM account on Elioplus and take a full advantage of the functionality that we provide then you need to send invitations to your existing channel partners.

Send invitations

Enter the Partner Directory tab and click on the Send Invitations tab. Here you can upload a CSV file with the email addresses of the channel partners that you would like to invite.

Send Invitations

When you click the send invitation button then your resellers will receive a notification email to join your PRM account and they will be able to sign up through your partner portal page (Your unique partner portal sign up URL)

Pending Requests

Here we have two different scenarios:

  • Resellers that you have previously invited through the “Send Invitations” tab but they haven’t accepted yet this invitation to sign up to your partner portal.
  • Resellers that have signed up to your partner portal through your unique partner portal sign up page but you haven’t previously sent them an invite. These resellers have signed up by finding your partner portal sign up page on your website or by distributing them the link of the page.

Manage Partners

Here you can see the channel partners that have accepted your invitation to join your PRM portal. Their status is Active which means that you can use all the functionality of your portal in order to manage them in the most efficient way.

Manage Partners