Elioplus PRM vs PartnerStack

Compare PartnerStack vs Elioplus PRM, a free alternative to manage and optimize your partner network.

PartnerStack is offering a partner management application for traditional reseller networks and it has also options for referral partners as well. Its pricing plans are leaning towards the enterprise level companies as they offer limited functionality for SMBs without reseller or referral functionality and no multiple tiers.

Elioplus PRM on the other hand offers full functionality on all pricing plans and it even has a free plan with no time limits. You can create an account for your company and test all the functionality like Deal Registration, Lead Distribution, CRM integrations, file sharing and many more.


Elioplus PRM

Deal Registration
Lead Distribution
Partner Activity
Content Management
Partner Locator
Integrations Enterprise Plan
Partner Recruitment
Free Plan

Channel Enablement

Provide your channel network with high intent leads to boost their revenue and incentivize them. Via the Elioplus network you will be able to send new leads to your partners based on their location and expertise, this is how it works:

You will be provided with a coupon that you can send to all your network or to select channel partners that meet your criteria. Your channel partners can use the coupon codes and upgrade for free. After that they will have access to new leads based on their location, product categories and technologies. New leads will be provided to their dashboard and you will be able to view analytics concerning the amount of leads each partner has received and their close rate. Furthermore, via the Elioplus PRM your channel partners can register a deal seamlessly without any data entry.

Partner Recruitment

Elioplus PRM helps you not only to sign up and onboard new partners but actively to recruit new ones. You get a public profile on the network and based on your product category you get exposure to relevant companies. Also, if you want to recruit new channel partners more aggressive you can get connected with companies that match your criteria, add them as opportunities or sign them up as new partners.

You can manage your new leads on the Opportunities tab where you can add tasks and notes to track and manage every opportunity. There is also an export option to add all your new opportunities to your marketing automation software or add an integration with third party applications to seamlessly move your data.

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