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Partnerize PRM vs Elioplus PRM

Compare Partnerize vs. Elioplus PRM, a free alternative to manage and automate your partner network.

Partnerize PRM vs Elioplus PRM
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Partnerize PRM alternative software

Partnerize is offering partner management and discovery solutions. Their focus is on marketing and performance based models, making their platform ideal for affiliate networks and their fraud prevention protection solution indicates that also. The discovery module allows a company to examine thousands of partners based on advanced data.

On the other hand, the Elioplus PRM provides features to manage and automate your sales partner like a partner portal, deal registration and lead distribution, collaboration, analytics, partner locator and integrations with third party CRMs. Also, for the partner recruitment solution you can create a public profile for your partner program to attract new channel partners and get matched with ideal companies based on 15 different criteria.

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Partner-to-Partner: Incentivize your partners with leads

Partner-to-Partner is a great way to provide your partners with new leads to increase their sales and get them incentivized. This feature allows channel partners to share and receive deals based on product category, location and technology. Since your PRM sits on top of our network your partners will have access to relevant deals coming from thousands of other channel companies.

For example, a channel company that has a potential client but don’t focus on that specific industry or market can upload this deal on the P2P network to find a partner and collaborate to close successfully the deal. This can be a one-off collaboration or a long-term partnership.

In addition, Elioplus ranks for various industry keywords and attracts many leads that can be relevant to your channel partners. These deals are uploaded as well to our P2P tool and your partners can have access and receive leads based on their product portfolio and location.

Partner Recruitment

Elioplus PRM helps you not only to sign up and onboard new partners but actively to recruit new ones. You get a public profile on the network and based on your product category you get exposure to relevant companies. Also, if you want to recruit new channel partners more aggressive you can get connected with companies that match your criteria, add them as opportunities or sign them up as new partners.

You can manage your new leads on the Opportunities tab where you can add tasks and notes to track and manage every opportunity. There is also an export option to add all your new opportunities to your marketing automation software or add an integration with third party applications to seamlessly move your data.

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