Hubspot CRM integration with Elioplus PRM

Elioplus PRM offers a quick, effective and easy to maintain integration with Hubspot CRM to help you transfer data between the two applications seamlessly. This will enable the automatic flow of data between your CRM and your channel partners without manual work , that will save you time and eliminate any errors or duplicate submissions.

Setting up your integration

The process is very simple, you just enter your Hubspot API key and then our system connects to your Hubspot account and syncs with the Deals form. Every field that you use in the Deals section is replicated on your PRM system so every channel partner has to provide the necessary information when registering a deal. If you make any changes to the form in the future, then simply visit the integrations page and press the button to re-sync your form and all the new fields will appear in the form.

In addition, you can use the options to create a new Contact and/or Company in your Hubspot account with every new deal that is being registered. You can edit these options at any time.

How to use the Hubspot integration

The Elioplus PRM integration with Hubspot can help transfer data for the Deal Registration and Lead Distribution features.

  • Deal Registration: Use the integration to send a deal that a channel partner has uploaded to your Hubspot account. You can also use the integration to check for duplicates in order to approve or reject a deal.
  • Creating Contacts and Organizations: When you set up your integration you can select the option available so with every deal that is being transferred to your CRM a new contact and company/organization can also be created.
  • Lead Distribution: You can pull data directly from your Hubspot CRM in order to send it to a channel partner without manual entry.

Apart from the standardized procedures we can also customize your integration if you have additional needs such as updating contracts etc.


Elioplus PRM checks for duplicates using the deal’s contact email and domain so we make sure a specific deal is not registered by another channel partner. You can also check every deal before you approve it. If it already exists in your CRM, our system uses the email and domain to check for duplicates but you can add other criteria as well, like territory.


Hubspot CRM has a number of default fields that will cover most needs but also lets users create custom values for their deals. No matter if you are using default fields or custom ones, Elioplus PRM will retrieve all the fields you are using on Hubspot and will replicate those fields in your partner portal and specifically in your Deal Registration and Lead Distribution features. Below there is a list of some of the fields along with their use and how it can help you manage your flow of partner deals.

Amount: The total sales value of the deal in the deal’s currency.

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): The total amount of revenue earned annually for this deal. With most vendors charging on a monthly recurring base this information can enable you to calculate commissions and future revenues.

Close date: The date that the deal is expected to close, either be Won or Lost by your channel partner. When a channel partner updates this deal in their CRM or on the Elioplus PRM then the deal will be automatically updated on your Hubspot CRM too.

Closed lost reason: Ask your channel partners to indicate why the deal was lost.

Closed won reason: Ask your channel partners to describe why the deal was won.

Create date: Hubspot will automatically set when the deal was created.

Deal description: Your channel partners can add a brief description of the deal that is being registered.

Deal Name: A brief description of the name of the deal.

Deal owner: The partner that the deal is assigned to.

Deal Stage: Hubspot CRM includes by default seven deal stages but you can edit these or create additional stages so your channel partners can indicate the stage of the deal. The default stages are Appointment scheduled (20%), Qualified to buy (40%), Presentation scheduled (60%), Decision maker bought-in (80%), Contract sent (90%), Closed won (100% Won), Closed lost (0% Lost). In the parenthesis there is the probability associated with each stage and indicates the likelihood of closing the deal successfully.

Deal type: Describes if the deal is New Business or Existing Business, although in most cases your partners will indicate this as a new business.

Manual forecast category: This field is to help you and others from your team to understand the likelihood of the deal closing successfully and there are some default values such us Omit, Pipeline, Best case, Most likely, Commit or Closed.

Other and custom fields: Any field that you use in your Hubspot CRM, whether default or custom, will be replicated to your Elioplus PRM so your channel partners can add the necessary details that will be linked with your CRM. When you add new fields or edit any field that you already use then simply re-sync Hubspot with your partner portal with the click of a button and your new values will appear in your PRM as well.