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Elioplus Frequently Asked Questions and help support center
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General FAQ

Which companies should create a profile as a Vendor?

Software, SaaS and cloud companies that offer a channel partner partner program and would like to increase their partners’ network by getting matched with channel partners that exact fit their needs.

Which companies should create a profile as a Channel Partner?

IT companies looking to resell new innovative SaaS solutions or cloud services, IT consultants, VARs, distributors, service providers, system integrators and more, all operating in software, SaaS or cloud industry.

Can I promote my partner programs for free?

Absolutely. You can create a profile page for your company and promote your partner program to our users and visitors for free.

Is there a way to promote my offering more actively?

Yes. You can choose to become a Premium user in order to get matched with those channel partners that exact fit your needs. Also, you will appear in the 1st page in search results every time someone searches for your industry, product or vertical, location etc.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my Premium plan?

Yes, it’s very easy to change your account’s status.

I am a channel partner. Why should I join ?

Apart from promoting your company, we make it easy to discover new innovative products and get information about the partner program that fit your needs. You can also make settings in order to get notified early and compare between competitive programs so you can take the best decision about which vendor to trust. Also, by using our management solution you can invite all your vendors into your account and collaborate with them. No matter how many vendors you are partnering with, now you can collaborate and receive relevant content, all in one dashboard so you can get the maximum functionality and save time and resources.

Are the company profiles and partner programs vetted?

We do our best to check and verify the data provided by our users but it their responsibility to give us accurate data. We want to keep the quality of content on our website very high and we are developing tools towards this direction in order to provide accurate and relevant information.

FAQ about matching process

What’s the matching process feature and how it works?

Our matching algorithm analyzes all the data that vendors and channel partners are providing during their registration process, like type of software or cloud service, targeted countries, program maturity, localization, commission based model or annual fee etc. By analyzing all the data from more than 30.000 quality companies of our database, the algorithm brings the most accurate matches inside your dashboard.

What happens when I go premium?

When you pay for our premium package you are getting matched with the partners that fit your needs according to the criteria you have provided to our system. You will find these companies on the “My Matches” tab of your dashboard and the list will be updated day by day with new prospects in order to get in touch with them. Also, when our system provides a match inside your dashboard, it automatically sends one notification email informing your partner about the potential partnership with your company.

Are the matches quality ones and is the data up-to-date?

We have more than 30.000 quality channel partners on our network in more than 80+ different software and cloud verticals. Also, our network is always up-to-date providing the information of the appropriate person to get in touch that’s why our conversion rate in terms of qualified partnerships is too high.

How can I see my possible partnership opportunities?

You can see how many potential partnership opportunities we can provide you on the My Matches tab on your dashboard. It shows the number of matches according to the products you had selected at your registration process! Also you can find out here:

How the matches look like and how often the platform provides them into my dashboard?

When you are a Premium user then our system provides day by day new matches with channel partners that exact fit your needs on the “My Matches” tab of your dashboard. We provide all the information needed in order to get in touch with them like company name, URL, email of the appropriate person to get in touch, LinkedIn profile of the appropriate person and more.

Why to submit and save the partnership criteria of the matching process?

By submitting the criteria you are giving all the necessary information to our system in order to match you with the right partners. This is a very important step and it’s free. You can always change your criteria and save them to our system.

When I upload the CSV file with my partners is the data private or public?

The data you provide us with your partners is private and will not be visible on Elioplus. You are uploading the CSV file in order to get matched with new partners and not with those you already have!

FAQ about our ‘Lead Generation’ product

What’s the pricing?

The pricing is based on the country or regions that you are interested to gain access and is charged on a monthly basis.

Is there a limit in the number of the leads?

No. You get unlimited access to the leads and quotations that are uploaded each month on our platform.

What regions do you cover?

We get quotation requests and leads from every country on the planet so no matter where your company is based you can try Intent Signals.

Is there a trial option?

While there is no trial option, we do offer a plan for local IT companies to get access to a number of leads for free per month. Please contact our team for more information.

What type of data do you provide?

On the quotation requests you will be sending your quote directly to the appropriate person and for the intent data you get all the necessary company details to get in touch with a specific lead.