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View the latest quote requests and leads uploaded on our platform based on the location and product/technologies.

Type Country Industry Product/Technology No. of users/Leads
RFQ Botswana PC REPAIRS info 6
Lead Russian Federation giadans info 1
Lead Germany Management Consulting mulesoft 1001-5000
Lead USA Hospital & Health Care microsoft info 1-10
Lead India Internet dell info 501-1000
Lead Greece pos info 1-10
Lead India Oil & Energy reconnect-psychological-services 10,001+
Lead Singapore total-ebiz-solutions info 1
Lead Tanzania Internet future-cloud-experts info 51-200
Lead United States sam-company info 1
Lead France Business Supplies and Equipment dassault_systemes 1-10
Lead USA Publishing erp info 1001-5000
Lead South Africa studio-5-learning-and-development info 1
Lead France plm 1
Lead Czechia Computer Software avaya info 51-200
Lead Israel inspire info 1
Lead Greece Internet azt-pos info 1-10
Lead Denmark Information Technology and Services cloud_management info 1-10
Lead Italy zoom 1
Lead Spain Computer Software genesys 1
Lead Malta Information Technology and Services cisco 201-500
Lead USA Banking email info 1-10
Lead Romania Marketing and Advertising microsoft info 11-50
Lead USA Computer & Network Security oracle 11-50
Lead South Africa Marketing and Advertising vmware 11-50
Lead Germany Information Technology and Services method-it info 51-200
Lead United Arab Emirates intalio info 1
Lead India qpr info 1
Lead India Information Technology and Services symantec info 11-50
Lead India Computer Software project_management_tools 1-10

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Why Choose Intent Signals

Intent Signals is different from other lead generation solutions for 3 main reasons

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You will be receiving quote requests from local businesses based on your product portfolio and technologies.

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Our intent data uncover businesses that are in the market not only for product categories but also for specific technologies.

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We host more than 10.000 technology categories on a local level to connect you with businesses that are looking for your expertise.

Where we get our leads and RFQs from

Our network has more than 20,000 landing pages for more than 5,000 technologies in 120 countries. Our visitors come from every corner in the world in order to find useful content, engage with local IT providers and ask for quotations. In some cases, we also receive multiple RFQs from local businesses via our communication channels. Local companies trust our network to find the best IT providers in their area, get the best prices for the products they are looking for or search for implementation, support and training services.

Partner With Intent Signals

The Intent Signals partner program is for agencies looking to expand their offerings and help their clients grow their sales pipeline. Whether you offer marketing or sales services for your clients we can help you grow your business faster. Our partner program will help you to win new customers, expand your services or upsell your current clients. Our partner program also enables you to white label our solution and sell it under your own brand. For more information, please contact our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The pricing is based on the country or regions that you are interested to gain access and is charged on a monthly basis.
No. You get unlimited access to the leads and quotations that are uploaded each month on our platform.
We get quotation requests and leads from every country on the planet so no matter where your company is based you can try Intent Signals.
While there is no trial option, we do offer a plan for local IT companies to get access to a number of leads for free per month. Please contact our team for more information.
On the quotation requests you will be sending your quote directly to the appropriate person and for the intent data you get all the necessary company details to get in touch with a specific lead.