CRM integration with Elioplus PRM

Connect your CRM system with Elioplus PRM to automatically transfer data between your channel partners and your company in order to eliminate manual processes and critical errors. Elioplus PRM can be connected with any CRM in the market that offers an API integration aimlessly. This will allow you to transfer data for deal registration and lead distribution purposes automatically without manual entries for your team or your partners.

Any deal being registered by your channel partners can be checked for duplicate records with your CRM and if you approve the deal, then it can be transferred directly to your CRM to create a new Deal or Opportunity record along with all the necessary information. You can also retrieve and deal from your CRM to distribute it to a specific channel partner by simply selecting the deal or using the deal’s contact email. In this way not only do you save time but also reduce errors when you input data that are already available in your CRM application.

Connecting your CRM

The process of connecting your CRM system is very easy and straight forward. You find your CRM vendor in the Integrations page and add your API key or any relevant information depending on the application you use. After you have added your credentials our system syncs with your CRM and retrieves the fields that you use on your Deals, Opportunity section or the corresponding name that your vendor is using. Elioplus PRM is replicating all the fields so your channel partners have to input all the relevant data when they register a deal. If you make any changes to these fields in the future simply visit your Integrations page and use the re-sync option to update your form.

With every deal being transferred to your CRM you can also choose our PRM system to create a Contact and Company on your application too.

How to use the CRM integration

The Elioplus PRM integration with your CRM can help transfer data for the Deal Registration and Lead Distribution features.

  • Deal Registration: Use the integration to send a deal that a channel partner has uploaded to your CRM account. You can also use the integration to check for duplicates in order to approve or reject a deal.
  • Creating Contacts and Organizations: When you set up your integration you can select the option available so with every deal that is being transferred to your CRM a new contact and company/organization can also be created.
  • Lead Distribution: You can pull data directly from your CRM in order to send it to a channel partner without manual entry.

Apart from the standardized procedures we can also customize your integration if you have additional needs such as updating contracts etc.


Elioplus PRM checks for duplicate records every time a channel partner registers a new deal by looking at the customer email and domain in order to make sure that deal wasn’t registered by another channel partner. The same process can be used for you to check that a specific deal isn’t already in your CRM system. You can add additional fields like territory in case your clientele is consisted of large organizations with presence in multiple locations.


Elioplus PRM will be synced with your CRM system and will retrieve and replicate all the fields that you use, so whether you are using the default properties of your CRM or you have added custom fields you will be able to view all the fields inside your PRM system. Below there are some of the most common properties CRM applications use and how you can use them to get all the information that is needed from your channel partners.

Account: If the deal is linked to a specific account then this field will help you track the related organization.

Amount: The total sales amount of a specific deal. In most CRM systems the amount is added in the currency the vendor uses so your channel partners will have to input that value, although depending on your CRM and edition in some cases your channel partners can add the amount in their local currency and your CRM will use the current exchange rate to view the amount in your preferred currency.

Close Date: The date that your channel partner is expecting to close the deal. Once your channel partner has updated the deal as Won or Lost in your PRM system then it will be automatically updated in your CRM system as well.

Description: A brief description of the deal, some CRMs offer limited storage or characters in the description so your channel partners have to keep this field brief and comprehensive.

Lead Source: This field allows you to view the source of each lead and in this case you can view the partner that has registered the respective lead.

Stage: Shows the stage of the deal, for example, Appointment scheduled, First Contact, Qualified to buy, Proposal/Request for Price etc. Most CRMs have by default some set values for the stage field but allow the user to edit them or add more depending on your needs. Elioplus PRM will retrieve all the values for this property and your channel partners will be asked to select the one that applies when they register a new deal.

Probability: The likelihood that a specific deal will close successfully. When your channel partners enter this field, it helps your PRM system to calculate your future potential revenues and also provides some important analytics to your CRM as well.

Deal type: This field is used to describe whether it is New Business or Existing Business. The vast majority of channel partners will add New Business in this field.

Other fields: No matter how many or what type of fields you use in your CRM system these fields will also be automatically synced to your PRM to help you get all the necessary information that you require from your channel partners and also eliminate manual entries in your system, speeding up the whole process and reducing human errors.