Tier Management

The vast majority of vendors choose to create different tiers for their channel partners in order to create incentives for the top performing partners. These incentives may come in the form of payouts or access to specific areas in the partner portal. While many vendors opt in for 3 tiers such as Silver, Gold and Platinum you can create unlimited tiers on the Elioplus PRM to better manage your partners and commissions.

How to set up your tiers

Tier management

When you sign up on the Elioplus PRM visit the Tier Management option to create your tiers. As a first step select the criteria of Annual or Total revenue that the system has to calculate to assign your channel partners in the right tier. When you select the Annual Sales option then our system checks your partners last year’s sales to assign them to the relevant tier that you will create. If you select Total Revenue then your partners will be ranked into tiers based on their total revenues.

As a next step name your tiers, the commission percentage for each tier and the amount of sales as a threshold for each tier. You can add a new tier from the option Add New Tier or remove a tier so you can have unlimited tiers for your channel partners. You can edit these at any time in case you want to refresh your partner program or add new tiers to reflect your partner strategy.

After you have created your tiers a Permissions option will appear automatically. In this field you can choose the permissions you want to grant your partners for the Deal Registration and the Lead Distribution Functionality. You can give access to these features based on a partner’s performance so for example you can allow only your Diamond partners to have access on the Lead Distribution feature or any other combination. You will see here your newly created tiers so simply select a tier in order to provide access or deselect for the opposite action. You can edit these fields in the future if you change your strategy.

Why it’s important to create tiers

When you create tiers you can have multiple benefits organizing your partner network. You can easily manage your commissions, incentivize your partners by providing resources and material to higher performing partners. Finally, you can create gamification mechanism by letting your partners know their goals to upgrade to higher tiers.