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Get connected and reach out to channel partners (like resellers, Value Added Resellers, system integrators, consultants etc.) to your target markets or worldwide, to help you grow your partner network and increase your indirect sales.

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Manage Your Partners

Create your company profile

Sign up and create a free profile for your partner program adding all your partner program details. You can also add a demo video and a pdf file for your prospect partners to easily evaluate your offering. Your partners can rate and review your partner program to help you rank higher on relevant searches attract new channel partners.

Bring Your Existing Partners

Select your partnership criteria

Select the product categories you want to recruit new partners, your locations (our platform enables global coverage), type of partnership, industry and from 12 more optional criteria that are available. If you have specialized needs then you can inform your account manager and we’ll apply them, nothing is too extreme for us.

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Get matched with the best opportunities available

Once you have completed the registration we provide you with a number of channel partners that exact match your selected criteria. We start providing you the best matches directly in your dashboard along with contact details from each company and more than 30 attributes about the company and the contact person. You can add each potential partner to our pipeline tool or export your data in a CSV file.


Manage your prospect partners

Elioplus enables you to manage the negotiations with your potential partners in a pipeline, both those from our platform as well as you can add an opportunity from any other source. You can add tasks, notes and reminders, move the opportunities around in order to have a clear image and follow up with your partners for better efficiency.

Partner to Partner

Full-service channel marketing

If you have limited resources or time to reach out to potential partners we offer the option to hire a dedicated account manager from our company to do all the necessary follow ups to your matches that you receive through Elioplus. So, we are doing all the hard work of follow ups through emails to all your matches and we provide you only qualified partnership opportunities like channel partner sign ups, demo requests, call requests, more information requests in order to convert them as channel partners of your solutions.

Manage your partners

After you have successfully engaged into new partnerships via our platform you can seamlessly add your new partners to our free PRM software to manage, collaborate and incentivize them. You can optionally select to use our partner portal software to unify your partner recruitment and management needs. Read more here.

Frequently asked questions

That depends on your product category and industry. Once you complete your company profile during your registration and have selected your categories we will provide you with a number of potential channel partners you can reach via our platform. Of course, that number grows daily as more channel partners join us.
Yes. You can either select to target channel partners globally or to specify countries that you are interested to recruit new partners. You can always change that option at any time.
There are different filters that you can use on our search page to search for specific type of channel partners based on their location, product categories etc.
Yes. You can use our message functionality to get in touch with a company that fits your profile. They will be notified via their dashboard and email as well and can respond back to you via our platform. Feel free to exchange your contact details if you want to take this conversation to your business email.

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