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Increase revenue through collaboration between your channel partners and channel partners of Elioplus ecosystem.

P2P is a feature that Elioplus provides to its users by taking advantage of a network consisted of more than 1,200 vendors and more that 120,000 channel partners in 90+ software, SaaS and cloud services categories.

What is P2P and how it works?

Imagine that you have a UK reseller and a reseller in France for your SaaS. The UK reseller has a potential client from France that is interested in buying your solution. Through our P2P feature the UK reseller will be able to collaborate with the French one in order to win this deal and sell your solution. Everyone wins! Not only the geographic location will be a reason for a possible collaboration. Industry experience is a factor that many deals can fall through. Resellers of yours with expertise in specific industries will be able to collaborate as well in order to win a deal through our P2P feature.

One other example of how P2P can work beneficial for your company is the collaboration between your resellers and other resellers from our network. Imagine a reseller outside your network that has a potential client interested in buying or using a solution like yours. This reseller will be able to submit a form with the details of the deal and according to criteria like type of solution and geographic location will be able to reach out to your resellers that fit these criteria. Your resellers will receive this deal inside their inbox that is located on the Messages tab of their dashboard on Elioplus and communicate in order to work together and win this client. The external reseller and your reseller will win by closing the deal and you will win by selling your solution.

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