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Elioplus PRM

Elioplus PRM is the Partner Relationship Management software for every size of business operating in software, SaaS and cloud industry. We break the rule that exists in IT channel industry giving access actually only to Entrerprise level companies that have the budget to invest on a PRM system to manage their channel partners. We give access FOR FREE to software, SaaS and cloud services Vendors to manage up to 25 channel partners enjoying a 2GB library storage as well with full access to all of our features.

Our Features

Features that matter

Elioplus PRM provides features that can increase your channel sales. Avoid a ton of features that make your life difficult.
Through Elioplus PRM you are focusing on your channel partners productivity and needs through collaboration and incentivization.



Your new partners need to have the right knowledge and skills to sell your solution from the beginning of your collaboration. Upload all the files and video that are needed through our onboarding feature and they'll automatically have access to any of them.


Deal registration

Secure your channel partners' sales though our deal registration feature. Your channel partners won't worry anymore about losing a potential client that is interested to buy your solution. The only worry of them will be how to win the deal.


Lead distribution

Send hot leads to your channel partners though your PRM account. Satisfy the clients of your solution by assigning them the right partner for training, support and more. Increase sales for both and build a fruitful and strong relationship with your channel network.



Get insights about your channel network’s performance, detailed analytics for each partner, their activity on your partner portal and forecasting for potential deals that might close successfully from your channel partners for the next quarters.


Collaboration & Library

Invite your partners to your PRM, communicate real time, exchange material, create groups for chatting and increase revenue though collaboration. Enjoy a 2GB secured library, upload different types of files and categorize them. Send and receive files from your partners.


Partner Portal

Enjoy a full branded partner portal with your own logo and your unique sign up and sign in URL. Your channel partners can now easily have access to the PRM through your unique partner portal page which you can upload on your website as well.


Partner Locator

Add a partner locator to showcase your partners to your visitors in order to find a local company that offers your products and services. Incentivize your partners with new leads and your customers with better support.



Customize your partner portal based on your needs and your brand to get the best out of it at no extra charge.


Partner Activation

Keep your partners active with triggered notifications based on their actions and pending tasks. The system sends multiple email notifications so your partners won’t miss any critical update or deal registration deadline.


Tier Management

Tier management enables you to create different tiers for your channel partners to manage commissions, incentivize them with goal setting tasks and give them permissions to features based on their tier.


Roles and Permissions

All our plans come with unlimited team members that you can invite to help you manage your partner network. Give permissions for every role to grant them access on specific functionality and privileges.


Partner Management

Get a detailed view for each of your channel partners concerning their activity, revenue analytics and company details. View all the critical information for each partner on a single page to better manage your partners.

Integrations & Reviews


PRM Security Fully Secure Fully Secure
PRM Security Platform Uptime 99.9% Platform Uptime
PRM Security GDPR Compliant GDPR Compliant
PRM Security SSL Encryption Enabled SSL Encryption Enabled

Our pricing

Select the plan that fits your needs and start inviting your channel partners to join your PRM portal


$ 0 / month

  • Manage up to 25 partners
  • 2 GB library storage
  • Onboarding
  • Deal registration
  • Lead distribution
  • Collaboration
  • Partner directory
  • Partner to partner


$298 / month

  • + Manage up to 100 partners
  • + 10 GB library storage
  • Onboarding
  • Deal registration
  • Lead distribution
  • Collaboration
  • Partner directory
  • Partner to partner
  • + Partner recruitment
  • + Customization


$498 / month

  • + Manage up to 250 partners
  • + 20 GB library storage
  • Onboarding
  • Deal registration
  • Lead distribution
  • Collaboration
  • Partner directory
  • Partner to partner
  • + Partner recruitment(advanced)
  • + Customization

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