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Managed Detection and Response backed by a round the clock SOC.

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bluedog award winning Cyber Security. MDR monitoring and security in a modern world. Cyber security monitor solutions and cybersecurity answers


High Tech & Communications

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Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)

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20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

+ 44 - +44 20 8819 6254

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ManageEngine is a leading provider of IT management solutions, empowering businesses to efficiently manage their IT infrastructure, applications, and services. With a diverse portfolio of easy-to-use and comprehensive products, we enable organisations to optimise their operations, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional user experiences.Our solutions cover a wide range of areas, including network management, server and application monitoring, service desk, endpoint management, cybersecurity, and more. We cater to businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, across various industries.Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes achieve operational excellence and stay ahead in an ever-changing technology landscape. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, ManageEngine is committed to delivering top-notch customer support and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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Gyana is a start-up that creates No-Code Data science tools. Founded by Joyeeta Das and David Kell who were grad students in Oxford University, their main goal is to empower everyone with the power of advanced data analytics, cleaning, visualisation, report creation and data science with no prior knowledge needed in languages like SQL. Gyana has won awards globally and nationally and is headquartered in London.Gyana is a no-code data science start-up headquartered in London. Their flagship platform enables any business user to become a citizen data scientist with a few clicks-instead of training on hours of coding. Gyana is co-founded by Oxford graduates David Kell and Joyeeta Das and backed by tech leaders such as Biz Stone(cofounder of Twitter). Since their inception in 2016, they remain passionate about democratising access to data science and have won many awards for pushing data driven culture forward by participating in critical global projects.

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CDNetworks, is a technology company / a Content Delivery Network service provider. We work with business owners who are responsible for online revenues across multiple verticals - Retail, E-Commerce, Travel, FX Trading, Gambling, Gaming - basically companies that have b2b or b2c websites or applications. The key issues we resolve are website performance/availability/security, driving best possible end-user experience no matter where in the world the end users are accessing the content. We specialise in hard to reach markets such as SE Asia, S. America, China and Russia. Our cloud based solutions help organisations ensure their websites and applications are fast, reliable and secure. This helps them drive their online revenue, brand value and competitive advantage. Unlike some of our KEY competitors, we have a truly global network where companies can easily connect to us and reach their online global audiences. For example - by working with Pando ...

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NaoLogic™ builds platforms that integrate all business processes and key functions in a single system. This reduction in development complexity allows for delivery or both prototypes and new features in record time, representing a dramatic increase in efficiency while keeping costs under control.Technical debt reflects the implied cost of additional rework and customization caused by choosing an easy solution now, instead of using a better, more durable approach that would initially take longer. NaoLogic™ has a human centric build, wrapping "around" internal processes and adapting the technology to the business, instead of you having to adapt the business to technology.

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SmilePass enables organisations to create trusted communities with their customers, suppliers and employees. Our SaaS biometrics as a service platform enables our clients' customers to register their unique biometric profile in the client backend. This unique biometric profile is then used to verify any transactions in the customer journey to reduce fraud, improve security and build customer insight. Customers register and verify using our mobile app. We are most accurately described as B2B2C. Our focus sectors currently are logistics, ticketing and event management as well as insurance. We also support Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and have the ability to support remote KYC to improve efficiency.We are a well funded start-up based in London and channels are a big part of our go - to - market strategy. Our MVP will be live end January 2018 and we are now actively looking for good quality sector specific as well as geographic specific resellers or VAR's as well as to p ...

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Web application security is on every online business' agenda. The constant increase in hacking incidents is helping the web application security market to really grow and companies are investing in security software to secure their websites and web applications. With such a huge demand for web application security products, selling Netsparker, the only false positive free web application security scanner to businesses is not difficult.

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Maytech provides a global cloud platform for secure and reliant data transfer, wherever you are. Launched in 2006, Maytech operates a global data network with hubs in Europe, America, China, UAE and Australia providing accelerated transfers and fast regional downloads worldwide. A comprehensive suite of controls enables compliance with global security and privacy standards.Products in the Maytech suite feature multi-layered security, granular controls and detailed tracking and logging:Quatrix - simple web based secure file sharing.FTP-Stream - an advanced global data transfer platform.Organisations in 35 countries spanning 60 industries rely on Maytech for mission critical workflows and global data distribution and acquisition. The company is privately held and backed by MXC Capital, a specialist in the TMT sector. Maytech's head office is based near London in the UK.

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When it comes to Cybersecurity, there are no prizes for second place. You need a provider who can both see the big picture and deal with the finer details. When it’s all or nothing, you need Trustify.Global brands use our Cyber Risk Audit & Assessment Framework to assess the state of their cybersecurity systems and processes. They turn to us because they know that we provide first-class, end-to-end Cybersecurity coverage.The main product of our three-year Service Development Program has been the delivery of a Managed Certificate Service Platform for large Enterprise organisations facing the challenges of DX and IoT. It combines PKI Automation for Enterprise Identity & Trust requirements, with a strong Chain of Trust solution to address the challenges of Discovery, Authentication, Enrolment, Encryption, Monitoring, and Updating of Devices in all IoT environs. Automating proven, and standards-based Crypto technologies to plug the gap between legacy PKI services and the emergence ...

Cyber Security Associates (CSA) provides expert cyber and information security services to UK FTSE 100 companies and SMEs globally. CSA personnel have years of experience working both in the public and private sectors for organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Bank of England. However, CSA pride themselves in offering advanced cyber solutions normally only within the reach of large companies, to the SME market.

Datplan Cyber Security offers solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in the protection against cybersecurity threats. Used alongside existing Anti Virus and Firewalls Cyber Control give 3 main modules to help companies protect against cyber risk:Fraud Detection: Detecting both internal and external Fraud is a smart way to detect a cyber breach. Running over data sets in multiple formats cyber control will flag high risk transactions for review.System Overview: Checking on Data and file protection ensuring all essential files are protected along with system update checksCyber Risk Management: Cybersecurity project plan and template along and 8 key learning modules covering all the fundamentals of cyber security

United Kingdom

Datplan is passionate about protecting business assets and reputation from online threats. In response, Datplan introduced the Cyber Control software solution giving organisations the best chance to manage it's cyber security risk. Datplan's inside out approach focuses on 8 key risk areas of a full cybersecurity framework. These are detailed within the Cyber Control software, along with the associated risk and the risk management processes to implement. The framework is accompanied by a pre-populated and editable project plan which allows for an intimidate start while being flexible enough to customize to suit your business sector and other needs.With GDPR and data privacy compliance a must, Cyber Control offers a system sweep of folders to ensure all files contained are password protected. Protected files can also be strength tested to ensure any passwords used are not in the common usage database.Fraud detection is also a key area that is focused on within Cyber Con ...