Best Unified Messaging software vendors offering a partner program

Unified messaging (UM) combines different messaging tools like email, SMS, fax and video messaging under one application. Having a single dashboard to manage all the different types of communication can help increase productivity on one end and ensure that every message is reaching the right person on the other. Many vendors have entered this category to offer similar applications and partner with channel partners to promote and sell it at local markets.

Below is a list of the best unified messaging software vendors that offer a partner program and are looking for channel partners such as resellers to help them promote and sell their products at a local level.

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20358 Coimbatore0Vendors

Mongrov Inc

Mongrov is a mobile first unified collaboration and workplace management solution which is customizable.

  • India
  • Coimbatore
  • Software


23522 Sligo, Ireland0Vendors


The LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace Platform1. Design – Yesterdays intranet portals are replaced by the superior digital landscapes of today. LiveTiles Design enables organizations to build consumer grade user experiences on top of SharePoint, pe...

  • Ireland
  • Sligo, Ireland
  • Communications


25510 Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street, Wellington,0Vendors

Totara Learning

Our mission is to change how learning technologies are developed, delivered and purchased. We take that mission seriously. Let us explain why.We live in an ever-changing world. To be successful there is a constant need to learn new skills, knowl...

  • New Zealand
  • Catalyst House, 150 ...
  • Education


26925 6440 Flying cloud drive, #210, Eden prairie, MN 553440Vendors


EnduraData ( is a software company based in Eden Prairie, MN, USA. The company's products focus or synchronizing data between geographic locations and heterogeneous systems. EnduraData provides free demos and free support during th...

  • United States
  • 6440 Flying cloud dr...
  • High Tech & Communications


28257 156a Yakova Eshpaya Street, office 34 Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic 424002 Russian Federation0Vendors

Chaport LLC

Chaport is a modern multi-channel live chat with a user-friendly interface and affordable price. Founded in 2014, Chaport is designed to help companies quickly answer customer questions, get more leads, increase sales, and improve customer support. A...

  • Russia
  • 156a Yakova Eshpaya ...
  • Communications


29360 Pine Platinum Building, #301, 3rd Floor, 2nd A Main Rd, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, KA0Vendors

Pickcel Digital Signage

Pickcel is cloud based Digital Signage solution. Pickcel is very easy to use and packed with powerful features to drive any digital signage requirement. Supports hosts of signage media player like Android, Chromebox, Fire TV Stick, LG WebOS etc. Pick...

  • India
  • Pine Platinum Buildi...
  • Advertising/Marketing


30244 397 Moody Street #202.0Vendors

Skycore LLC

Lark Router is a Mobile Messaging (MMS) Gateway and Router. Giving Enterprise and Solution providers more control of message delivery.

  • United States
  • 397 Moody Street #20...
  • Communications


34377 103, Souhithi Legacy Manor, Avenue 9, Kakatiya Hills, Hyderabad 500081, India0Vendors


LEAST simplifies team collaboration. It enables three things efficiently for teams:1. Plan and organize any work contextually. 2. Have conversations within the context. 3. Track the progress evidently.All condensed to a real-time ...

  • India
  • 103, Souhithi Legacy...
  • Enterprise


41171 13 Nikolayeva str. Novosibirsk0Vendors


Cross-channel platform designed to deliver push notifications, in-app messages, emails and FB messages for customer engagement at every stage of your sales funnel.

  • Russia
  • 13 Nikolayeva str. N...
  • Software


18817 128 W 6th Ave #207, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K60Vendors


The TelemetryTV Media Player is a Windows application designed to pair with the TelemetryTV platform allowing users to display their digital signage, dashboard, videos, images, social media and other content in a dynamic fashion. Designed for 1080p a...

  • Canada
  • 128 W 6th Ave #207, ...
  • Communications


20266 Unit 7 Albany Park, Cabot Lane, Poole, Dorset, UK BH17 7BX0Vendors

Oak Innovation Ltd

We’re an award-winning communications management provider, delivering excellence and innovation in call recording, analytics and integration technology. We distribute to over 300 existing re-sellers a combination of products developed in house as wel...

  • United Kingdom
  • Unit 7 Albany Park, ...
  • Network/Hosting