White label partner programs

Find the best white label SaaS and software partner programs based on the product category

What is a white label partner program?

Many SaaS and software vendors offer a white label partner program in order to establish partnerships with local IT firms, consultants and agencies. White label programs are very simple to utilize and it is why many vendors opt in for this option.

In a white label partnership the channel company is adding their logo and branding in an existing product and starts to sell it under their brand. This is the simplest form that most SaaS vendors use but sometimes some further customization may exist, like local translation or some other need to match the channel partner’s branding or local market’s needs, i.e. convert subscriptions to local currency.

There are other issues to be determined as well before engaging into a white label partnership, like who owns and charges the end customer, but that depends on the strategy of each vendor the offers such a partner program and on the needs of the channel company.

Generally, white label partner programs are the simplest forms of partnerships and usually all is necessary is a sign up process from the channel partner, adding the branding material and the solution is ready to be sold under the channel company. This is why many vendors and channel partners prefer white label partner programs when it comes to partnering.