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Payment processing software is offered usually by third party companies that are used by merchant to handle online transactions. Payment processing software is very popular in eCommerce and subscription-based businesses that need to do online transactions. These applications have evolved from helping only with the transaction and these days offer multiple tools to help merchants manage subscriptions, be compliant with any regulations that affect them, provide analytics and many more. Channel partners that serve eCommerce businesses and other companies in the space can review the different partner programs offered by payment processing companies to choose the one that fits their customers’ business model.

Below is a list of the best payment processing software vendors that offer a partner program and are looking for channel partners such as resellers to help them promote and sell their products at a local level.

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Owned and operated by Mr. Dave Appleton, a Canadian-born businessman, and his spouse Ms. Anabel Appleton, a Filipino educator by profession, it unifies two diverse cultures to be able to formulate products and services that will aid customers in succeeding in business and achieving a long-term profit.Condor POS believes that success in any business can be achieved only with management, employees, and customers working together in harmony while maintaining a home-like working environment.

Kape is a leading privacy-first digital security software provider offering a suite of solutions to protect consumers’ digital lives.Kape’s Mission Our mission is to provide a private and secure digital life with complete online autonomy for our customers worldwide. Privacy is at the core of everything we do.Our Brands Through a range of privacy and security products, Kape focuses on protecting consumers and their personal data as they go about their daily digital lives.The Technology At our core, technology drives everything we do. We believe in taking state of the art technology — from far-reaching infrastructure investment to the latest design tools — and using it to better serve our customers.Find out more at

Kanix is a fast growing software product development and marketing company with focus on Construction Industry Vertical. Kanix's product line for construction business successfully integrates high-end e-commerce and ERP for large, mid- sized and small businesses. Thousands of Construction Houses worldwide are adding value to their businesses using the state- of-art software products of Kanix. Kanix possesses a very strong domain knowledge in Construction Industry and is pioneer in Business-Process-Reengineering (BPR) and Management Consultancy.Kanix has invested Twenty Five long years in developing the methods & processes for effective management in the Construction Industry. These methods & processes are converted into an effective automated management tool. ‘Highrise’ is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software specialized for Construction Industry Vertical.Kanix also has an arm of management training for construction & real estate businesses. The training arm of Kanix helps ...

United Arab Emirates

GimBooks is an all-in-one accounting and bookkeeping software designed to empower small business owners in managing their finances effortlessly. With over 20 lakh downloads, it stands as a trusted solution for 20,00,000 plus satisfied users. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, allowing users to create, share, and manage a variety of financial documents such as invoices, quotations, e-waybills, e-invoices, payment reminders, and payment receipts. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, while the 100% secure environment ensures data integrity. GimBooks also facilitates inventory management and generates diverse business reports, providing a one-stop solution for invoicing, GST filings, e-waybills, and over 50 additional vouchers. The bilingual support (Arabic and English) with QR code integration further enhances the efficiency of creating and sharing electronic invoices and notes on the go.

With a team of real estate and technology experts, the company is dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly products that deliver exceptional value to its clients. The company's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service has made it a trusted partner for Colonisers . We are passionate about revolutionizing the way real estate professionals work, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve unprecedented success. With our innovative approach and industry expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of software solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the real estate sector . Our fl agship product Realty Organiser is a game-changer in the world of real estate software. It encompasses a comprehensive range of features designed to simplify and streamline every aspect of your business operations. From property management and listings to customer relationship management and fi nancial analytics, our solution covers all the essential functiona ...

Intelligent process automation is revolutionising the way we work. SMEs across the UK and Ireland are digitalising laborious, manual processes to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and provide greater visibility of end-to-end workflows.As a rapidly growing SME ourselves, we understand the value of agility and scalability. Robust, automated processes help organisation stay competitive in crowded, and often challenging marketplaces.Founded in 2019, our mission is to free people from the shackles of manual processing and allow them to shine! We do this through the creation of intuitive, best in class automation software.

OrderPin is developed by Mobvoyage which was established in Feb of 2020 and it is a portfolio company of EWTP Fund which Alibaba Group play a cornerstone investor.Headquartered in Guangzhou China, Mobvoyage has nearly 200 employees by May 2023, most of them are engineers, and they are dedicated to providing an innovative digitalize solution for F&B merchants globally with continuous and stable technical support and services. It has covered 3,000+ stores globally and is rapidly growing. Orderpin has 3 major advantages: support for multiple ordering methods, compatibility with various hardware platforms, and rapid integration with various third-party platforms. All features of Orderpin can be configured according to customer needs. Compared to traditional POS, it has the following highlights:- Ordering Methods: In addition to front-desk and table-side ordering, it also supports QR ordering, Kiosk self-ordering, and mini-program ordering etc. Orderpin can be fit perf ...

Bautomate offers cognitive automation solutions designed to automate repetitive tasks, eliminate bottlenecks, and enable seamless workflows.The product combines artificial intelligence, business process management, robotic process automation (RPA), and optical character recognition (OCR) to streamline and optimize various business processes. It provides a transformative solution to empower businesses of all sizes across industries to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and success.

United States

We are helping retailers of all sizes to run businesses efficiently with Cloud POS, Integrated Payments, Loyalty, Inventory, WMS, Stocktake and multiple Integrations at a competitive cost while maintaining scalability and customizability. We are raising the bar for business and POS software, and democratizing access to world-class tools to businesses of all sizes.

We offer an intuitive and user-friendly retail management solution to help you optimize your retail operations and experience seamless multi-channel and omnichannel success. Our all-in-one solution empowers businesses with comprehensive Inventory Management, efficient Sales Processing, enhanced Security and Compliance, Integrated Insights and Analytics, Scalability, and seamless integration with preferred ERP systems. With customization options available, SalesLife drives growth through seamless omnichannel retail, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your specific needs.No matter your industry, company size, or target market, our retail management solution is designed to cater to your unique requirements. We understand the nuances between various trading models, such as wholesale, distribution, retail, online, offline, and marketplaces, or any combination thereof. Rest assured, our solution ensures seamless management across all channels and customer segments, providing a cohesiv ...

OFIS SOFT is a first-rate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider in the MENA region established in 1986. OFIS SOFT is an Oracle Gold Partner, the producer and the owner of AL-MOTAKAMEL ERP.OFIS SOFT can help you to implement the optimum business cycle in ( Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution Cycle, HR, Accounting, Production Control and Production Costing) according to your vertical and show how to overcome any challenges in the current process depending on our 37 years of experience and 1200+ clients in Arab countries in many verticals specially trading & manufacturing sectors.

Upvio is the most seamless and efficient practice management solution, created to streamline workflows, eliminate repetitive admin time, and drive success in a digital-first healthcare ecosystem.Upvio’s solution in the healthcare industry targets healthcare providers across various specialties and organizations of all sizes. Upvio is perfect to streamline and automate various operations and processes, such as appointment scheduling, telehealth, messaging, patient monitoring, and payments. It is designed to meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR, and offers features specifically tailored to the healthcare industry, such as automated reminders, customizable forms, full telehealth features, a virtual waiting room, and remote vital signs assessment. It is an affordable solution with easy integration and support for varying levels of technical expertise, including dedicated account managers for setup and ongoing support.

Focus Softnet is a global software company providing business solutions across various industries. With a wide range of products and services, they cater to businesses of all sizes. Their offerings include ERP solutions, CRM software, retail management systems, and more. Focus Softnet aims to empower organizations with innovative technology to enhance efficiency, productivity, and growth. With a global presence and a focus on customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. For more details, visit our website:

United States

CALLER ID PROTECTIONAre your customer's Caller IDs showing up as Scam Likely/Spam Risk/Potential Spam when they make outbound calls?448 Connect solves this problem by monitoring phone numbers on the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks, Nomorobo, and the FTC to identify and remove negative labels.We monitor phone numbers on a device cloud and call real mobile devices on the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks (iOS & Android). Our customers can see actual screenshots of how their Caller ID's are displaying to their customers.Phone numbers with Scam/Spam labels have less than a 10% chance of being answered.  


About iGMS iGMS is a reliable property management platform for professional hosts and property management companies. It ultimately helps them to simplify operations and increase their revenue. Unlike other software, iGMS has powerful automation capabilities customized to hosts’ needs which allow them to put routine tasks on autopilot and grow their business.How is iGMS different? - Reliable and trusted by professional hosts - Adaptable to hosts’ needs: we create customized solutions tailored to their business - Designed to increase business metrics and team efficiency - Innovation is at the core of our businessiGMS Clients’ Results - Increase in occupancy rate by 20% - Increase in profit by 33% during the first 60 days of system usage - Property management business set on autopilot

United Kingdom

We are SAAS platform that provides following as Sage ERP add on:1. Electronic Invoice-level outstanding Presentment right from ERP -No app download by buyer -Static link at buyer level for real-time update 2. Automatic Invoice reminders and collection reconciliation 3. GL Posting for withholding taxes and on-account credits 4. Enabling buyer to pay by Bank transfer ( FPS/ BACS), Cards, From Invoyz wallet (With High street UK bank as escrow)

The IT service provider Gangl offers self-developed Microsoft Office Add-Ins for download - for example Outlook Add-Ins and Outlook Plugins -, so that especially users in companies but also in ministries and authorities can perform certain tasks directly in the open main software, such as Outlook. for example, can carry out certain tasks - to increase the efficiency of the workflows.In addition to Outlook add-ins and Outlook plug-ins, the following also belong to the product range Exchange Add-Ins and MS Teams Add-Ons to the Gangl product range. Gangl offers its practice-oriented Add-Ins especially for the widely used Microsoft software Office, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Exchange Server and Exchange Online as downloadable solutions.

United Kingdom

iplicit is award-winning mid-market, cloud-based finance and management software solution that allows businesses to focus on what really matters.Tailored for the frustrated on-premise legacy software user, and organisations that have outgrown entry-level software, iplicit provides greater flexibility and enhanced levels of reporting, while integrating into other cloud applications — offering a seamless migration path from your existing system. We are the natural choice for organisations seeking to ‘step up’ to next-generation finance software, without losing the functionality they currently enjoy.Customer-centricity is, and always has been, at the heart of iplicit and its parent company, Concept Software. Having implemented corporate ERP solutions for over 25 years, the experience within the team is unparalleled in the UK. iplicit frees companies from old legacy accounting and difficult to use ERP software and is a leading-edge cloud solution that is extremely intuitive to ...

AltCtrlFix Softwares (ACF) are primarily in ERP Product Sales and Implementations and Services and Products that supplement ERPs. We cater from Smallest Businesses to Large Enterprises for our Products and Services. We have solutions for each and every businesses for ERP and allied Products as per their Requirements, Budgets and Time-Frame. We are Partners for SAP Gold Partner for SAP Products and Services who have 150 plus successful implementations done with impeccable success rate and 95% or more Customer retention in Support Year on Year.We are MBP - Master Business Partners (Pan India) for BizPay Expenses Management Mobile Applications with Debit Cards. We at ACF are in process of establishing Business Partner Network Pan India. We invite interested Businesses to contact us to become Channel Partners for this Product. You may write to us on or call us on +91 9324558235.

United States

1 - Decision Engines(DE) is in the intelligent business automation space helping enterprises automate business use cases in procurement, finance, and IT using continuously learning AI/ML-driven bots.2 - The solution works alongside existing RPA and ERP systems, providing rich document digitization, automation, data-driven decisions, and integrations.3 - Our solution is tailored for global enterprises to automate invoices, purchase orders, BOL (Billing of Lading), Contracts digitization, Contract risk Management and more. The solution also integrates out of the box with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Ariba, Netsuite, Intacct, etc.. and supports over 18 languages/localesInvoiceIQ: End-to-End Intelligent APAccount Payable automation Video Link - : Contract Lifecycle & Risk ManagementContractIQ Video Link :

The Enlighten Company is a binational business providing software in North and South America. Our software is a business Workspace 100% flexible and able to help several business areas or the entire company. The EN-Space was designed after 10 years of several consultancies and the need of b2b customers. EN-Space will replace several software and reduce costs from monthly subscription besides to be developed in according to the best tech practices with certification of Information Security ISA3402.

VEITA is your digital assistant for all aspects of receivables management. With our easy-to-use online solution, we cover the entire receivables process - from the time of the first reminder to full payment.Put an end to unpaid invoices with full transparency and little effort.Companies that work with VEITA benefit from: - Shorter days sales outstanding (DSO) - Time savings in financial accounting and controlling - Reduction of bad debt


SIX ERP is a leading enterprise solution with transparent pricing and no hidden costs. Manage your full company with a single solution incl. Modules like CRM, HRM, Project Management, Warehousing, Sales Management, Invoicing, Accounting, and Payroll. What makes SIX ERP unique is the industry-leading speed, easy user interfaces, and a fast and efficient user experience. Every module is fully integrated, so all data is centrally accessible and connected. The best is that SIX is fully scalable, used by SMBs and global corporations, and we build on transparency. There is one price, no hidden costs, unlimited modules, unlimited users, and unparalleled scalability. You own the data, and we manage the servers, maintenance, and updates. Even if you have special requirements, you will not find a better ERP system that can be adapted and expanded to meet your specific needs — the right basis for your transformation and growth without the headaches of traditional ERP systems.

United States

Torque360 is an all-in-one shop management software with integrated payments and digital marketing services, aimed at the underserved market of small & medium sized auto repair shops.

Cloud-based solutions for Healthcare, Senior Living, Corporate Dining, and Private Education sectors. More than products; service is core and central to our mission of ensuring our clients' success.Digital SignagePoint of Sale & integrations- Cashless payments- Payroll Deduction- Meal Plans - Department Charges- Gift CardsWork Orders & Project ManagementAsset TrackingHousing Census, Tracking, and MarketingDonation Management & IntegrationStudent Meal Management & Production

A short brief about us, we are, an eCommerce platform that is made keeping in mind small businesses to enterprises. We are the most feature-rich and mature platform for e-commerce available in India, considering we are a 6-year-old product that is battle-tested by high-scale clients.We have worked with some of the top-notch brands in India from HDFC, Titan, Times of India, Clear Trip, Chai Point, ACT, Britannia, and LG to working with startups and even Kirana stores to help them sell online. Our offering starts at just INR 499/month.We have three offerings> Rs.499 plan, where the user can create their own website and customizations with DIY website builder and backend. > Rs. 999 plan, with same features of 499 with additional much more benefits, this is the most bought plan by our users. > We also provide custom offerings where our partners can use our API to build solutions on top of it, or we can build a complete custom requirement for the client an ...


The payment success platformRequest, accept and track payments from your customers quickly and securely directly from Oracle Opera or with the user friendly web-app. Prommt will drive incremental revenue, reduce risk and transform the way you get paid.Deliver instant, personalised payment pages via email, text, chat and messaging appsWhen customers want to pay by phone or a product doesn’t lend itself to e-commerce, Prommt allows you to turn risky, time-consuming over-the-phone transactions into secure, convenient online payments.Protect your company and your customers by limiting your exposure to card dataPrommt integrates directly into your existing payment provider. This means that customer card information is passed directly from the payer to your PCI Level 1 payment partner. As a result, your staff are no longer exposed to this sensitive data. This limits your compliance burden and protects your organisation.Minimise the risks of fraud and chargebacks by u ...

United States

PopID is a facial recognition company focused on creating frictionless point of sale experiences for customers for the retail and restaurant industries. Over the past 4+ years we have perfected a facial recognition algorithm that allows us to recognize 1:10M users and enables a simple, quick registration process for users. Now, we have developed a point of sale system to allow merchants to have the full standard suite of POS applications with the addition of facial recognition for check-in, order recall, loyalty point accrual and payment. Finally, our facial recognition empowered payment system also offers significantly lower rates than standard credit card processing due to the secure nature of the payment.

Cloudwalks is one of the most popular, trusted, and renowned QuickBooks cloud hosting provider with long years of experience and a team of some of the best IT professionals from the industry. We also offer cloud hosting services for other accounting and tax software solutions. We offer round-the-clock customer support along with high uptime of 99.99% with our cloud service. Cloudwalks is one of the most trusted cloud vendors offering hosting services for QuickBooks, ATX, and other many tax and accounting software solutions. We have served more than 1500 businesses and with our high-end server, we are committed to providing world-class services.

United States

CaseFox is a cloud-based legal billing and practice management solution for attorneys, CPAs, consultants, investigators, and other legal professionals which helps law firms with the most vital features such as case, client and document management, timekeeping and expense tracking, billing and payments, client intake form and many more. When it comes to integrations, CaseFox integrates with the top legal softwares such as PayPal, LawPay, Quickbooks, Xero, DropBox, Drive, G- Suite, Box, Office 365, Calendar and many more.

United States

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to providing field service contractors with cutting-edge tools for collaboration, streamlining and troubleshooting. Field service management is a daunting service that has yet to be revolutionized with 21st-century technologies. Field technicians are forced to rely on antiquated technologies and limited collaboration. With SmartServ we’re changing this. By creating a one-stop collaboration platform for field service contractors that enables mobile app-driven workforce collaboration and we’re empowering field contractors to have more control over their business through industry-standard metrics. No more confounded phone descriptions and intimidating manuals– SmartServ makes it easy for field technicians to have access to information and build upon solutions right from the start. We started building our platform right after speaking with our initial customers and found out the pain they were going through each day to do their eve ...

Forward-thinking cash management for businesses and their accountants Risk insights and credit control make getting paid on time easy. Flexible finance gives you access to cash when you need it. Risk insights Evaluate the risk level of new and existing customers with a suite of risk analysis tools. View customers’ risk band, average payment time and suggested credit limit before deciding to work with them. Credit control Automate your invoice reminders, monthly statements and thank-you emails. Customise the messaging and sending schedule for each client to build and maintain good relationships and even better payment habits. Flexible finance Need to cover an unexpected bill or a large stock order? Get a fast cash advance using single invoice finance, all within the Satago platform. Finance one or multiple invoices, with clear pricing and no minimum commitment.

IDZlink POS is the cloud-based POS software and business management system for retails, restaurants and small businesses. IDZlink POS allows you to manage your business efficiently with the freedom to access features and data from any location. With the IDZlink POS all-in-one business management system, you can shorten your tasks, keep up-to-date in real time as you handle transactions and store operations and promote your business efficiently.

United States

Comprehensive Digital Health Platform providing world class patient engagement, financial management, digital communications, telehealth, healthcare CRM capabilities, reputation management and marketing.

Since 1992, Employee Based Systems (EBS) has been recognized as an industry leader in the development and implementation of enterprise-wide, mission-critical HRMS software solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. Take advantage of our proven expertise to eliminate redundant, time-consuming, manual processes and increase your departmental productivity.EBS PaySuite is a cloud based HRMS solution that manages Payroll, HR, Time & LaborHiring & Onboarding for your company’s workforce. Managing all the tasks associatedwith employee data can be done more efficiently and effectively with PaySuite.All EBS products are cloud based n-tier software applications developed utilizing the latest technologies and are meticulously engineered to provide superior global business software solutions.Developed on a single databaseBuilt from the ground up as a complete cloud-based application100% SQL development platformDelivered on premise, or as a SaaS or host ...

Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE) is an application hosting provider with headquarters in Florida, USA. Winner of awards like K2 2019 Award for Customer Satisfaction, User Favorite Award by Accountex USA 2016 in application hosting category, and Great User Experience Award 2018 by FinancesOnline, ACE is renowned for its hosting services in diverse industries like accounting, construction, real estate, legal, and several others.Ace Cloud Hosting is an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host and QuickBooks Solution Provider and provides a wide range of cloud services including managed server hosting, private server hosting, application hosting, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), among others, which help clients to achieve their business objectives by providing the best-in-class cloud solutions.To offer seamless connectivity around the globe, we have partnered with SSAE-16 Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers in multiple locations like Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe Reno, and Las Vegas. The data c ...

Waffor is a retail-focussed software product company that is dedicated to offering enterprise management and workflow solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), individual owner manned stores, network stores and franchise models can leverage the benefits of our product.Besides simplifying management and administrative tasks, Waffor has a clear and simple goal: To offer a unique retention marketing solution for retailers by which they can identify, reward and retain customers for faster growth. Following a SaaS distribution model, we want small and medium retail stores to delve deeper into customer engagement and retention.Our company is a name synonymous with trust and efficiency. It is founded and managed by successful senior executives that hold 50+ years of cumulative experience. Under their mentorship, able guidance and vision, we have successfully built prior start-ups that have paved the way as multi-million dollar companies.

US based, Headquartered in Denmark, Pie VAT has added more than 300 retailers for our digital VAT refund services. Tax free shopping for modern tourists Claim VAT refunds at the touch of a button. No paper forms. No long queues. Download our app to learn more. How it works Get your money back in three easy steps. Use Pie VAT to scan the merchant’s QR code Scan your boarding pass. Upload images at home.

Datplan Cyber Security offers solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in the protection against cybersecurity threats. Used alongside existing Anti Virus and Firewalls Cyber Control give 3 main modules to help companies protect against cyber risk:Fraud Detection: Detecting both internal and external Fraud is a smart way to detect a cyber breach. Running over data sets in multiple formats cyber control will flag high risk transactions for review.System Overview: Checking on Data and file protection ensuring all essential files are protected along with system update checksCyber Risk Management: Cybersecurity project plan and template along and 8 key learning modules covering all the fundamentals of cyber security

Mynd Integrated Solutions is a leading global service provider in business process and technology management, offering a broad spectrum of services in Finance and Accounting (FAO), Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), Information Technology (IT) and Consulting. Our approach puts process at the forefront, understanding the value it brings to a company in driving frontend results such as customer satisfaction and retention, revenue generation and profitability.

At Swipez, simplifying the way you do business excites us. We realise that customers today expect a very high service quality from their service providers. They expect you to listen to their needs and make continuous improvement to your offerings. Our motivation is to provide you with all the tools you need to retain and up sell to your existing customers. Today, hundreds of service providers use Swipez to manage every aspect of their business — from website development to bill presentment, from customer data management to payment collections from reconciliation of cross channel payments. Swipez integrates your customer data, accounting data and collection data under one roof so that you can maximise customer value more than ever before.Stay ahead of the curve with effective business operations management solutions Swipez provides businesses a convenient and timely revenue collection mechanism by automating their business operations, simplifying the way they work, and helping ...


Ninjodo helps digital agencies and B2B consultants scale, automate and retain clients longer. From capturing leads and automated email sequences to sales tracking, accepting payments and onboarding new clients, it's truly an all-in-one platform designed to help you and your clients reach better outcomes.

Become a Merrco partner and offer your customers an industry-leading payment solution that will help you grow your revenue and build your business.Merrco is Canada’s leading provider of payment processing services for cannabis and other regulated businesses. With a large share of dispensaries, licensed producers and accessory stores, Merrco has a significant footprint in the Canadian market.Our mission is to help businesses thrive by bringing seamless, secure payment solutions to the market and making payments smarter, simpler every step of the way. We are proud to partner with leading cannabis POS, ecommerce and seed-to-sale providers to offer merchants a holistic payment processing solution.


Up to 80% Faster Accounts Payable WorkflowsEffortlessly centralize, approve and automate your AP journal entries with the most intuitive accounting automation software in the market.The DOKKA platform includes:Document collectionDocument processingDocument submissionChat functionalityApproval flowsSmart document managementGoogle-Style searchAnd a lot more...

Company Name: LBT Mind Technology Pvt. Ltd. Product: BizGati - Intelligent Billing Software Since: 2012 Company is rapidly expanding over the world with channel partners. Company don't sale product directly if channel partner is available into that area. BizGati is the intelligent billing software which helps small & medium business owners to get their business into auto-pilot mode. Available in multi-languages. Too easy to use. Access anything within 1 or 2 clicks only. Iliterate person can learn it within 15 minutes only. +91 9130306623 |

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