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Yes, Booker is a software company for small/medium service based businesses. But we’re not here to sell you a piece of technology. We’re here to learn more about your business goals and help you achieve them. Do you want to attract more customers or drive more sales? Do you want to make life easier for your staff and clients and keep customers coming back to you? If so, let's chat.


Partner Program

$50.00/sales accepted lead, $150.00/contract, $15.00/mo for up to 23 months. You market and introduce, we'll do the rest. Sign up here -

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Industry: E-Commerce, Software
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Market specialisation: Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)
Partner program: Service Provider
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Address: 22 Cortlandt Street
Phone: + 1 - 8669669798

Registration date: 18/06/2015

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