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Affiliate tracking software is being used by many companies to increase their revenue on a performance based model. Affiliate software tools offer many features these days but its main purpose is to track the referral or endorsement made by a person or company to buy products or services buy another person or company. The main functionality in every affiliate tool is of course tracking so businesses can track and reward the participants on their affiliate network accordingly. Additional functionality includes fraud detection, analytics and integration with third party applications.

Below is a list of the best affiliate software vendors that offer a partner program for channel partners. These typically include resellers but also marketing agencies that help their customers to build marketing campaigns or web development studios.

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India is the World's Leading Conversational CX Automation Platform, recognized by Gartner, IDC & G2 Crowd as a leader. brings the best of AI and Human intelligence together, to automate Customer Experience for large brands and enterprises.


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United Kingdom

Toople is a direct and indirect supplier of B2B telecom solutions to the micro and SME business with a portfolio of services such as Ethernet, Broadband, Fixed Lines, Hosted Phone System and Mobile. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have within the industry to deliver the highest quality of products and services from our world-class carriers.

Kape is a leading privacy-first digital security software provider offering a suite of solutions to protect consumers’ digital lives.Kape’s Mission Our mission is to provide a private and secure digital life with complete online autonomy for our customers worldwide. Privacy is at the core of everything we do.Our Brands Through a range of privacy and security products, Kape focuses on protecting consumers and their personal data as they go about their daily digital lives.The Technology At our core, technology drives everything we do. We believe in taking state of the art technology — from far-reaching infrastructure investment to the latest design tools — and using it to better serve our customers.Find out more at

United States

We are an HR Compliance company focused on leave and Labor laws and other areas. Service Offering: VirgilHR offers a comprehensive HR compliance solution, which acts as a guide to help HR navigate thousands of employment and labor laws across the country. The product features a smart chatbot that allows HR to submit a query on day-to-day HR tasks, such as leave requests, terminations, and employee or worker classification, and the chatbot analyzes legal requirements and provides real-time legal guidance, making complex legal concepts easily understandable and actionable. Additionally, the product offers a multi-state comparison tool with quick side-by-side comparisons of laws across states, an employee handbook builder, legal updates, templates, and support from HR experts. Through a user-friendly interface and automated real-time updates on legal changes, VirgilHR facilitates a more efficient and accurate management of HR compliance, reducing the need for external legal consultations ...

Why spending time, money, thinking, hiring and investing in and IT environment while you may have a senior experience in the IT, fixed payment having the IT Outsource services The Contractor IT, is about 19 years experience in the Information Technology field also in the IT Outsource provides IT services for multi-Companies levels; small, mid and large business. We provide Information Technology services for: Financial, Money Exchange, Forex, Medical, Oil, Drilling, Engineering, Construction, Furniture, NGOs and other fields. The Contractor IT mission is to cut the Information Technology cost as a specialists in the IT Outsource by representing it's customer in all Information Technology aspects, Data collecting and ERP solutions. We talk on your behalf, We make you feel confident, secure and safe.

We're reaching out to you from Mobifly where we specialize in optimizing operations through cutting-edge service integration and L2/L3 support solutions to startups. Our mission is to help startups to achieve significant improvements in key performance metrics.Here's how partnering with us can benefit the companies that you are associated with:1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: 2. Operational Efficiency: 3. Cost Reduction: 4. Scalability: 6. Focus on Core Competencies:Our comprehensive services encompass:Custom Software Development Cloud Transformation Identity Management Process Automation Artificial Intelligence System Integration Tax Technology Block ChainWith development centers in Gurugram, Gujarat, Pune, and Hyderabad (with plans for expansion), we have the capacity and expertise to meet your unique needs.Regards, Geetanjali

Zupain is a prominent e-commerce platform renowned for its diverse range of products and services, catering to customers' diverse needs. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment options, it ensures a seamless online shopping experience. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal customer base. Zupain continues to innovate, expand its offerings, and deliver value to consumers worldwide. Whether you're shopping for goods or services, Zupain is your go-to destination for convenience and reliability.

About xIoTz : xIoTz is a revolutionary, indigenous cybersecurity startup incubated at C3i Hub, IIT Kanpur and accelerated by the NCoE, Data Security Council of India, NASSCOM.xIoTz Private Limited is the winner of (idex) Indian Navy DISC 9 Challenge, the Unified Cyber Assurance platform won the National Technology Awards 2023.About xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform:xIoTz eXtended Operation Center(XOC) is an Unified CyberAssurance platform with built-in Network Operation Centre ( NOC) , Security operation Centre (SOC), Threat Operation Centre (TOC) & NexGen Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA) with 30+ Security Products & Features, built-in & integrated with SIEM providing holistic view of cyber security posture in a single pane of glass, offering continuous discovery, analysis, remediation and monitoring of cyber security vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors for inventory, enabling cyber safety and data assurance with 90% Reduction in the security cost ...

Nebry is the Anything as a Service Platform for Business. It empowers you to create great products, deliver outstanding customer experiences, and grow your business to any scale.

Founded by IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi Alumni, forBinary is a unique mobility cum engagement platform for organisations catering to the next billion internet users. It helps organisations like small & medium businesses, educational institutions, govts, communities etc. simplify their communication and processes through their own custom high quality mobile application(Android, IOS, Website, PWAs) with interactive features and local functionalities (PWA, Vernacular languages, Offline first, local integrations etc). forBinary is already trusted by 6000+ clients in 25+ States who have successfully created & are managing their own mobile solutions (with 500K+ App users) for use-cases like Sales Management, Customer engagement, Internal communications, Selling products, Tracking field staff, Managing employees etc.

Clocktos, a distinguished software development firm, has a rich history of serving Japanese businesses in diverse fields, including integrated Wi-Fi applications, ERP, and e- Governance Technologies. With an impressive track record in Japan, we have now set our sights on the Indian Educational ERP market. Our journey began by establishing a state-of-the-art software research and development center, coupled with a robust support hub. These centers act as the beating heart of Clocktos, where our dedicated team of skilled software engineers relentlessly innovate to provide the highest-quality customized solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of the Indian ERP industry.

SAP SolutionsEmpower your business with SAP Solutions tailored for the utilities, manufacturing, and retail industries. Streamline your operations, optimize your resources, and drive growth with our innovative solutions.RPA SolutionsSimplify your business processes and boost productivity with our cutting-edge RPA Solutions. Automate repetitive tasks and let your employees focus on higher-value work.AI SolutionsMaximize the potential of your business with our AI Solutions. Our customized solutions are designed to help you streamline your operations, enhance your decision-making, and drive growth.

KernelApps PVT LTD (Kernel Data Recovery) is a leading software company providing data recovery solutions for enterprise as well as individual level. Incepted in the year 2004, this company has constantly followed international quality standards and is committed to offer best solutions from corrupted or inaccessible files. Kernel range of products includes email recovery, email migration, cloud migration , backup recovery, monitoring solutions, and much more. Apart from all these products, many free tools are also offered by the company for extended support. The Company has constantly improved it standards by updating products and also introduced new recovery solutions. The continuous efforts of the company have been widely applauded and it has managed to win accolades by many other leading organizations.

Founded in 2007 as MediaWire Technology Inc., we were part of the digital publishing wave, delivering digital replicas for magazine, newspaper, and other publishers. Through many successful years working with document formats of all types, we became familiar with the need to extract content from files that were not machine-readable. Interestingly enough, this lead us to enter the accessibility industry, becoming versed on the requirements for WCAG compliance and other accessibility guidelines, and what this really meant for people with disabilities. We decided to dedicate our technology towards a higher purpose, and through this InclusiveDocs was born.

United States

CALLER ID PROTECTIONAre your customer's Caller IDs showing up as Scam Likely/Spam Risk/Potential Spam when they make outbound calls?448 Connect solves this problem by monitoring phone numbers on the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks, Nomorobo, and the FTC to identify and remove negative labels.We monitor phone numbers on a device cloud and call real mobile devices on the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks (iOS & Android). Our customers can see actual screenshots of how their Caller ID's are displaying to their customers.Phone numbers with Scam/Spam labels have less than a 10% chance of being answered.  

At SMSCloud Hub Enterprises enjoy better customer engagement through a cloud-based platform with global connectivity. We provide world class Hub connected with Network Operators, Global Hubs, Aggregators & Enterprises to make it easier for our customers to transact and communicate with their clients – wherever they are in the world - all in a fast, secure and reliable way. We empower businesses to engage with the world through variety of channels making their communication conversational, more personalized, fun, meaningful, and with ease. With an innovative suite of Cloud based solutions, WebPanels & APIs, SMSCloud Hub delivers communication solutions that have been useful for almost everyone around the world.Our portfolio includes Application to Person (A2P) SMS, 2-way messaging, CPaaS Platform (SMS, Voice, Video, Chatbots, Analytics) and EDTech ERP. Our services allows our clients to remain connected to their clients 24x7 with reminders, alerts, promotions and loyalty. W ...

Greenology Engineering is an eco-friendly top-tier ICT & Digital Transformation Solutions Provider with multiple Foot Print across Europe,Middle East and Africa & America.We are master player in integrating & linking variety of environmentally friendly ICT solutions together. Systems, services, & software enabled to work in future functionally with no damage effect on the environment. Accommodating a wide range of regional & international clients with environmentally friendly ICT & Digital solutions, what they can do to protect the natural world, and how be more socially responsible.

BookingXML is a global B2B platform for hotel bookings, transfers and sightseeing that guarantee the best rates and real time availability. With product sourced from more than 35000+ Direct Contracts, made available to global customers in more than 50+ countries, we connect you to more ways to create profitable travel experiences.

United Arab Emirates

PostgreDB Enterprise Database software extends PostgreSQL Database(The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database), We deliver an Opensource based Enterprise supported data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability.Our PostgreSQL experts build software and deliver services for customers worldwide, helping our customers get the most out of it both on premises and in the cloud. And our 24x7 global support, professional services, and training help our customers control risk, manage costs, and scale efficiently. With offices based out Dubai & ASEAN region enable us to deploy our global expertise locally and support our customers more efficiently. World’s leading financial services, government, media & communications, Telecom and information technology organizations are running mission critical applications on PostgreSQL Database.PostgreDB Enterprise empowers businesses and governments to take control of their data. Working closely ...

We are a Vienna-based company providing professional services in testing, training, installation, implementation and technical support. We have more than 60 distribution contracts with the world`s largest vendors for DACH, CEE and CIS.

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Zimyo is the easiest to implement #1 HR solutions platform that enables organizations to increase employee engagement, reduce attrition, and increase retention by 3x.Our modules are: 1) Core HR: Calendar, Employee profiles, Documents & Policies, Organization Chart 2) ATS & Onboarding: AI Screening, Interview Scheduling, Pre-onboarding, Asset Allocation 3) Leave & Attendance: Leave, WFH, Geo Capabilities (Geo Tagging, Geo Tracking & Geo-Fencing) 4) Payroll: Salary Generation, Payslips, Loan, Investment declaration, Salary Disbursements 5) Engage: Direct messaging, Group chats, Announcements, Posts 6) Performance: Goals, 360-degree feedback, KRA, KPI, OKRs, 9 Box matrix 7) Helpdesk: Tickets, Incident Reporting (Anonymous POSH Reporting) 8) Expense features: Distance Tabulation, Reimbursement, Integrations 9) Survey & Polls: Quick Polls, Anonymous Survey, Team NPS 10) Benefits: Employee Loans, Insurance, Investments, Employee Cards95% of ou ...

Hridayam Soft Solutions is an IT solutions provider with over a a decade of experience in Enterprise Content Management. With a team of over 60+ developers, we have successfully developed offerings focused on digitization and automation for our clients. With over 175+ clients across various verticals industries like banking, healthcare, and manufacturing; we have now developed robust offerings for workflow automation, document management systems, and AI AI-based voice automation application.At HSS, our core mission is to create powerful state-of-art solutions that enable enterprises to respond effectively and quickly to opportunities, while maintaining high governance standards.

CyberSiARA is a cyber security company specialising in advanced AI and Bot management solutions. Account takeover and credential stuffing attacks are among high-rise cyberattacks which can lead organisations to pay huge ransoms to cyber criminals. CyberSiARA invented a novel AI solution based on human Trans-Saccadic memory that can distinguish between man and machine. Our novel solution effectively protects customers’ accounts and data privacy.

We provide Time tracking, Billing & Expense management services with Digital Signatures

CedCommerce is one of the top eCommerce solutions providers headquartered in Lucknow. Established in 2010, we aim in making the Internet a better place to sell. Our smart products and solutions meet every challenge to deliver brand reputation and investment returns. We help the customers to expand their business on platforms like Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop, WooCommerce and more.

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CloudSEK is a contextual AI company that predicts Cyber Threats.At CloudSEK, we combine the power of Cyber Intelligence, Brand Monitoring, Attack Surface Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring and Supply chain to give context to our customers’ digital risks.

United States

At Techy, we understand that your phone is the lifeline to a lot of your daily tasks. So, when your phone is not functioning correctly because of broken charging ports, water damage, or cracked screens, you can depend on Techy for your cell phone repair. Our skilled technicians are here waiting for you to get your phone operating at its best again. Drop by to get your phone repaired today at our Inside Walmart shop located inside Walmart.

Established with the aim of eliminating one of the largest security breaches in cyber security for companies worldwide.There is a shortage of user acceptance for additional authentication solutions. The question arises from the point that existing approaches are not user-friendly or easy to use. That's why, we at Cybernexa aspire to establish a global norm of mobile authentication-a protection which secures users data and does not affect customer experience. Who We Are We Innovate Strong Security Products And Solutions That Offer The Best Authentication Appropriate For All Sectors. Cybernexa is a Global Information Security company providing innovative security solutions and cybersecurity compliance services. With strong focus on Research & Development, we are committed to provide innovative solutions and services which address current security requirements of mobile-centric world. What We Do We provide Strong Mobile Centric Out of Band(OOB) Authentication and auth ...

We are one of the leading innovative information technology services providers located in Iraq with 8+ years of experience in the MENA region, dedicated to boosting our client's business growth with a thoughtful and compelling design toward the next levelOur talented team worked with 10+ partners to help clients stand out from the crowd and drive customers in decision-making processes.We served and assisted our clients in 80+ projects in efficient, rapid and high-quality methods and procedures

MetaAcademy is a Metaverse SaaS platform that provides virtual 3D online University which is a PC software. Please watch this video to get more clarity on how this works. Students and Tutors/professors can enter into Metaverse Virtual university with their Real 3D Aavatar and have online classes which give a realistic feeling of having classes in real physical college building. Target clients: Universities and colleges, Training institutes, individual tutors that offer online classes.

MySign is a free online email signature generator that allows you to create professional and branded email signatures for Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Office 365.

Fracttal One is an intelligent software for the maintenance management of physical assets CMMS / CMMS, which helps companies of different sectors and sizes, in a more sustainable, safe and efficient way, to keep track of their operations, manage work orders , teams and suppliers from a single platform, 100% mobile, online and in the cloud.

United States

Torque360 is an all-in-one shop management software with integrated payments and digital marketing services, aimed at the underserved market of small & medium sized auto repair shops.

United States

We are a fast-growing technology company founded in 2019. We have developed convenient, mobile-friendly, and easy to use training courses designed to meet the training needs of today’s businesses at a very affordable price. Available in more than 100 languages, our popular sexual harassment training course exceeds the standards set by states that mandate this training, and helps organizations build a positive, employee-first business culture. Other courses include the new Diversity, Sensitivity and Inclusion training, HIPAA training, COVID-19 Safety training, Leadership training, Cybersecurity training, and many more to come.


Axisbits is a cutting-edge technology company that focuses on custom web and mobile development. We provide full-cycle software development, from business analysis to release and post-launch maintenance. Delivering software solutions that exceed your expectations.?


Hi Mr/Ms,This is Victor as H3C Business Development Manager from H3C Group China.As famous ICT Brand company in the industry , we know you long time and I think its time for H3C to have an discussion with you about potential cooperate chance in the ICT world.We can provide OEM channel product with various product format including Switches/Servers/Routers/Wifi aps/ICT Softwares…to help you to enlarge your sales revenue globally. If you have interest pls contact me.

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Mission: Enabling affordable Healthcare service using technologyBusiness Description: The company focuses on developing healthcare IT software and making them affordable for all practices and hospitals. The solutions are focused on enabling affordable healthcare service – globally. increasing patient safety and reducing healthcare cost in hospitals and clinics. The company envisages developing more software solutions in healthcare IT domain. The products Digital Clinic and iHomecare for Remote Patient Care with connectivity with several medical devices. The product MURx was ONC-2014 Certified in USA. The product is subsequently enhanced for specialty specific EHR. We now have EHR designed for Ophthalmologists and Orthopedic. MedLocker allows people to store their medical records in a safe custodian and electronically. SupplyRx is the Supply Chain Management software for hospitals/clinics and pharma distributors Company Background: The company formed by a sof ...

SupplyNote is Cloud based web and mobile enabled suite connecting outlets, service providers and suppliers. With SupplyNote, you can manage inventory, place orders, and uncover sales performance insights to strengthen the health of your business. We're an end-to-end cloud enterprise with its POS, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management/Fulfillment Services and Marketplace.

United States

Core-Cyber Security Integrators (Core-CSI) is a Small Business headquartered in Quantico, VA. Established in 2015, Core-CSI provides trusted, results-oriented, and proven Program/ Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, System Engineering, Business Process Re-engineering, and Cyber Security support services to the US Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Federal, and Commercial customers across the US.


StarX VPN is a service designed to provide security and tunnel encryption to data between the corporate or private network and the remote user. StarX provides VPN service with over 40+ servers in strategic locations. The application works on all devices. StarX VPN is unique because of the effective data security

We offer white label software that allows our partners to recommend events and avoid choice overload effects.

United States

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform, built for customer-obsessed marketers and product owners. MoEngage enables hyper-personalization at scale across multiple channels like mobile push, email, SMS, web push, on-site messaging, Facebook Audiences, in-app messaging, app inbox cards, and connectors to other technologies. With AI-powered automation and optimization, brands can analyze audience behavior, segment the right audiences, and engage consumers with personalized communication at every touchpoint across their lifecycle. Forrester recognized MoEngage as a “Strong Performer” in the latest Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q3 2021 report. Read more: MoEngage offers Marketers / Product Managers: - Enterprise-grade security and compliance with international protocols. - Customer experience personalization at scale. - Ongoing ...

SunSmart Global Inc (SSG Technologies LLC, SunSmart Technologies Private Limited) an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Multinational Software Corporation incorporated in 2004. SunSmart is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and has offices in the UK, Europe, Middle East, India and Far East. SunSmart has more than 3000+ man years of Software Solutions & Services experience in the business verticals of Banking, Financial Services, Securities, Insurance, Government, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Education.SunSmart Global Inc (SSG Technologies LLC, SunSmart Technologies Private Limited) is a niche Product Company with smart products in the spectrum of Artificial Intelligence, Mobility and Enterprise Software Solutions.At SunSmart Global Inc (SSG Technologies LLC, SunSmart Technologies Private Limited), we provide solutions that are "Innovative & Intelligent"? in addressing the critical business needs of Mid to Large Corporate spread across business verticals and geographies. Advanc ...

PhishGuard Hizmet olarak Phishing simülasyon ve Farkindalik egitimi çözümleri sunar.%91’i Phishing ataklariyla gerçeklestirilen siber saldirilari önlemenin en etkin yolu çalisanlara Phishing Test yapilmasi ve Farkindalik egitimi verilmesidir. Fakat birçok kurum ilgili araçlarin alimi ve kullanimi için yeterli maddi ve insan kaynagi yatirimini yapamamaktadir.PhishGuard, “Hizmet olarak Phishing test ve Farkindalik egitimi” modeliyle kurumlarin ürün satin almadan, ögrenmeden ve yönetmeden Phishing test yapmasina ve Farkindalik egitimi vermesine olanak tanimaktadir. Bu sekilde kurumlarin hem ürün lisansi almasina hem de ürün ögrenip, yönetmesine gerek kalmadigi için toplam sahip olma maliyeti de önemli ölçüde düsmüs olur. Ayrica, tüm Phishing Test ve Farkindalik egitimleri aktiviteleri konusunda uzman profesyoneller tarafindan yürütüldügü için çok daha etkili olur. was founded in 1999, it is Alibaba Group's first business sector which has become the world's leading cross-border trade B2B e-commerce platform. We continues to be ranked No. 1 in several areas of, such as International trade, e-commerce, Trade market, import and export trade. In addition, we has been named the "Best B2B website in the World" by Forbes Magazine for 8 times in a row. Alibaba was formed with the aim of helping companies to realize their dream, sell their products to global, however, without partner’s strengthen, we can’t realize this target. On the other hand, we also want to make our partner success and Bring profit.

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