Best Competitive Intelligence software vendors offering a partner program

Competitive intelligence tools help modern marketers to track their competitors’ marketing strategy in order to better understand the market. More specifically these tools include features to spy on your competitors’ content marketing, SEO, social media, advertising campaigns and software applications that they use. This knowledge helps businesses not to miss any important market trend and also achieve their growth goals.

Below is a list of the best competitive intelligence vendors that offer a partner program and are looking for channel partners such as resellers to help them promote and sell their products at a local level.

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At Streamax, we're committed to ushering in a new era of vehicle management and safety across a diverse range of industries. Our advanced AI vehicle solutions cater to School buses, Taxis, Law enforcement cars, Public buses, and trucks. We ensure the safety of school children with real-time monitoring, GPS tracking, and video surveillance, elevate the passenger experience and security in taxis, enhance law enforcement efficiency with real-time data and analytics, optimize public transportation operations, and revolutionize trucking with comprehensive fleet management and cargo security. Regardless of the industry, Streamax's AI-powered technology proactively manages vehicles, reduces risks, optimizes routes, and ensures the highest level of safety and efficiency. Join us in shaping a safer, smarter, and more efficient future on the road.

United Kingdom

Vortex IoT is a UK-based manufacturer of advanced air monitoring and IoT solutions that successfully delivers air quality monitoring solutions across the UK and Europe. Our mission is to reduce air pollution and climate change by enabling data-driven decisions and tangible results towards Net Zero targets.Vortex IoT is a UK-based manufacturer of advanced air monitoring and IoT solutions that successfully delivers air quality monitoring solutions across the UK and Europe. Our mission is to reduce air pollution and climate change by enabling data-driven decisions and tangible results towards Net Zero targets. Air quality data allows companies to evaluate and confirm the effectiveness of interventions, monitor sustainability initiatives in real-time, and address potential risks instantly. Not only are Vortex products leading the way for other companies to achieve their net zero goals, but we have also recently committed to the SME Climate Hub Net Zero Pledge, which aims to half emiss ...

United States

Periodikal enables accounting professionals to comprehensively view their entire client rosters' financial status in one place. It automatically updates data from Quickbooks and highlights relevant financial trends, customized KPIs, peer comparisons, and on-the-fly graphing. The aim is to help accountants save time and expand their advisory services.


SIX ERP is a leading enterprise solution with transparent pricing and no hidden costs. Manage your full company with a single solution incl. Modules like CRM, HRM, Project Management, Warehousing, Sales Management, Invoicing, Accounting, and Payroll. What makes SIX ERP unique is the industry-leading speed, easy user interfaces, and a fast and efficient user experience. Every module is fully integrated, so all data is centrally accessible and connected. The best is that SIX is fully scalable, used by SMBs and global corporations, and we build on transparency. There is one price, no hidden costs, unlimited modules, unlimited users, and unparalleled scalability. You own the data, and we manage the servers, maintenance, and updates. Even if you have special requirements, you will not find a better ERP system that can be adapted and expanded to meet your specific needs — the right basis for your transformation and growth without the headaches of traditional ERP systems.

Entelogix Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated in 2017 with a vision to strengthen the Discrete Manufacturing sector, our aim is to transform the way manufacturing is done.We are primarily engaged in providing Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT consultancy training and end-to-end solutions, globally.With our expertise in Industrial IoT, Big Data and Predictive Analytics, we can transform your Enterprise.Our Proprietary Software Suite 'Entelogix AIM - the Artificial Intelligence of Manufacturing' delivers real-time operational performance improvements. Its calculations factor in equipment availability, speed performance, quality, process capability and parts traceability, which are displayed as a simple percentage that shows the ratio of actual equipment output to its ideal output. Reduces Cost, Wastage and Downtime, Increases Productivity, Quality and Profitability.Entelogix AIM Consists of:EnEffect – Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) SoftwareEnChart – Statistical Proces ...

Thinklytics is a modern platform for business intelligence and analytics. We deliver business centric dashboards using data based learning and deliver predictions based on machine learning algorithms. This is a horizontal product and can be customized for any industry vertical. We customized it for IIOT 4.0 smart factory digitization analytics.we are currently serving few customers in smart factory digitization analytics and general analytics.

BDO is a trusted adviser to clients looking for Audit, Tax and Advisory services. As one of the world’s leading Audit and Accounting organisations, we have clients of all types and sizes from large corporate organisations to private businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across an array of industry sectors. More importantly, we are guided by our values that are the foundation of what we deliver – IDEAS | PEOPLE | TRUST. BDO Cloud BI is delivered by BDO Tas Pty Ltd and managed by our Hobart, Tasmania office.We offer the following solutions for the following markets:- Cloud BI (SME's, Enterprise, Government, NFP) - Performance reporting/dashboards (SME's, NFP's) - Cashflow forecasting tool - Break even analysis tool - Board governance assessment tool - Project post implementation evaluation tool

United States

We at Gyrus AI develop application-specific AI/ML models, Algorithms and, Frameworks. We provide AI/ML models as a service in the areas of Business Intelligence, IoT predictive analytics, video analytics and ML/AI Frameworks.We offer AI models to customers as a SAS product on a subscription basis business model. Our AI/ML models can be customized as per the customer requirement, wherein a nominal amount of customization fee would be applicable as a one-time fee in addition to the subscription fees. Please visit for more information about our AI/ML models and services.

Teckost is an exclusive search engine for IT Hardware & Software, IT Cost discovery & IT Procurement Intelligence Software for businesses. It’s a domain specific tool, cutting across industry lines. According to Gartner, the overall annual Global IT spend is $3.8 Trillion, and a tool like Teckost is targeted to help reduce sourcing cycle time and the IT cost for organizations. The product is designed to act as a negotiation tool for the decision makers by providing insights on the best prices.A Glimpse of IT Procurement or IT Sourcing IntelligenceIT procurement or sourcing intelligence supplies knowledge on the right product, pricing and place (supplier credentials). It ensures that a business has relevant and up-to-date information to aid in purchasing decision-making. It is just about finding the right information on suppliers, and then being able to come up with strategies to utilize the data in a positive manner.Procure-to-Pay software solutions make operational proces ...

United States

Talentegy is an AI enhanced Talent Analytics Platform that optimizes Recruiting and Talent Management. We help companies continuously monitor Candidate and Employee experience.We’re reinventing the talent analytics space by measuring engagement, recording experiences in real-time, capturing the voice of talent, and providing detailed EVP and sourcing metrics.The outcome is a crystal-clear picture that delivers actionable, data-driven insight to your teams and vendors.


WeGrow helps scale up great executions across teams in order to generate faster revenue growth.The system is very lean, easy to use and enables teams to:- share great executions- select the best executions- and re-use these to generate growthWeGrow algorithm supports the entire process and rewards the behaviors that generate proven sustainable growth. The platform is currently used by General Mills across 20 countries with both topline and bottom line results.

FusionCharts is the world’s leading JavaScript charting solution with 28,000+ customers across 180 countries. Our components are created by developers for developers. We will get you charting in 15 minutes or less!


Geostru is in the IT sector, particularly producing software and offering services in the following sectors: engineering (structures and geotechnics), geology, geomechanics, geophysics, topography, architecture.

LocoBuzz is a technology company enabling valuable Customer Experience globally. We converge AI, analytics, Big Data and automation to assist in your digital transformation Journey. Our Platform effectively addresses core challenges pertaining to customer experience management in the connected and Omni Channel digital world. In the recent times, we have partnered with 5 out of the top 10 Indian brands for meeting their Customer Experience and Digital Transformation needs. Our portfolio of clients include the likes of Godrej, Reliance Jio, HDFC Bank, Indian Hotels, Titan, Yes Bank, Havells, Bacardi, etc.

United States

myRosys is a social media monitoring and social media management tool. It lets you automate all your social media engagement activities across all major social media networks. We have developed some of the most innovative features in the software - around Influencer marketing and campaign amplification. We are group of budding social media marketing enthusiasts and would love to work with like minded software - resellers / partners in our growth phase right now.

United States enables eCommerce businesses globally in their pursuit of higher sales & margins. It provides 10x better experience in acquisition & retention marketing for eCommerce. At the core of OnlineSales AI platform, billions of data points are mined daily from across retailers’ product catalog, demand velocity, user psychographics & funnel analytics. The platform leverages this intelligence to deliver unparalleled marketing experience & automation across channels & devices to eCommerce players’s vision is to build an ‘operating system’ for eCommerce businesses globally by converging all avenues of shopper acquisition, engagement, retention, analytics & monetization on a single platform.Specialities: Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Display Marketing , Retargeting, Marketing Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, eCommerce , eCommerce Marketing, Ad Technology (Ad Tech), Social Media Marketing, SEM, SMM, Email ...

There is a new superhero squad on the block! The smartest, fastest, strongest, and most resourceful individuals in the field of consumer insights and data analytics have decided to come together! Dare we say, what has happened since has been incredible. They have put together a collective of individuals, skills, and technology that is blowing away current standards, redefining and remoulding the very core of how an entire industry works. Capturing the most meaningful customer insights of today, while simultaneously anticipating the data analytics needs of tomorrow, Insight Heroes is not just a company; it’s a force to be reckoned with and revered. Insight Heroes has the power to take complex analytics and present them as meaningful insights in record-shattering times. Working on a platform that is built to transcend the distance of continents, IH never has and never will think small. The future is here, and it’s wearing one good-looking cape!

IPFingerprint is a bespoke lead-generation platform that empowers B2Bs to grow faster by unlocking the hidden potential in website traffic.By revealing which businesses are interacting with a website, viewing services and products, but not enquiring, we empower our clients to convert more of their ready-to-buy 'passive traffic' before it goes elsewhere.We're a rarity in our industry because we do things the hard way. Where most visitor-tracking services use only database-automation, we go one better and do bespoke live-lookups. If our automated process doesn't detect a business visiting a site, we'll perform the lookup manually. This way, we can provide our clients with a much higher business-detection rate than any automated solution. Side-by-side against the market leader, tests have shown up to 35% additional businesses detected. That's 35% more business potential unlocked and at a lower cost.Commission rate for Resellers: 20% paid up-front and further commission fo ...

United States

Sourcetoad's CORE engine reduces the cost of future software and app development by creating a single unified API from disparate systems and datasets. CORE can be deployed either on premises or in the cloud.CORE is an API for APIs, consolidated, with one clean set of documentation for employees and partner access. Finally make sense of that technical debt, and breath life into old systems. Unlock those profits promised by every previous technology investment with CORE's customizable middleware. USE CASES are wide ranging. Deployed examples include: remote-controlled signage, IoT devices, and video players. Merging 12+ different APIs into a simple, unified API for use by out-of-house mobile developers. Analytics and reporting merged from myriad sources. Video on Demand (VoD) and streaming media. GREAT FOR Non-specific industries: businesses with too many disparate systems or data sets whom want to reduce the cost of developing custom applicationsExisting modules ...

Inovretail is an advance cloud Business Intelligence (BI) solution that is specialized for Retailers, and majors on ease-of-use, fast to implement and clear reporting templates for each company role needs.Smart Measure is a core product in Inovretail, allowing filtering and sorting functionality so that presented data is in the required format, with the specific information. Our Solutions allow our retailer customers to measure the impact of external feeds (weather, sport events) in the base line sales.

United States

We are a SaaS-based technology company that uses big data to bring structure in the field of market intelligence for a client’s eco-system comprising of customer, competitor, supplier, product, industry, technology, legal, pricing and deal (M&A) insight. To improve the quality, agility and confidence in decision-making and reduce business risks in both B2B and B2C markets, we extract critical insights daily after sifting through millions of published news items daily in paid, private, social media and blog posts. We cover more than 50 different critical to business topics. Our goal is to provide insights on business risks and opportunities to help businesses be agile and remain competitive. Nowigence (formed out of a combination of Now and Intelligence) has successfully introduced a pioneering product to provide a 360-degree market insight platform for outside-in decision-making. We have been able to obtain an exceptional amount of customer traction since introduc ...

Collaborative Analysis software, supporting the entire Intelligence cycle for screening, analyzing and reporting text-based information.

We are an b2b intelligence platform for fashion brands, retailers (of any size, preferably mid-large) using Artificial intelligence. We deliver the solution as SaaS. We help fashion business professionals like designers, buyers and merchandisers take informed decisions on products so that they grow their revenues and profits.

United Kingdom

NetMotion Wireless develops mobility management software for enterprises and organizations with mission-critical connectivity requirements. The company's products address the unique challenges created by these workforces by providing the security, visibility, and control that IT departments demand, while minimizing the connectivity challenges faced in the field, so mobile workers can be more productive. Thousands of enterprises around the world are using NetMotion products to keep millions of mobile workers connected to applications.

DareBoost is an online tool to test, analyze and monitor your website: speed, SEO, quality, security. All you need for website optimization in a single service.

Founded in 2007, Datalicious is a globally operating leader in full-service media attribution solutions and marketing technology. Since its beginnings as a marketing analytics consultancy, Datalicious has expanded through its growing product development and supporting services division.Datalicious’ OptimaHub is a cross-channel cross-device marketing analytics platform that breaks down established data silos to give marketers a complete view of all touch points leading to a conversion, whilst providing enterprise grade flexibility and customisation. Datalicious’ professional services are included in the flat annual fee to ensure clients maximise the value they get from their technology investment. The platform provides user level data and drives cost-savings by replacing many marketing technology vendors with one enabling a single source of marketing truth.Datalicious technology drives the marketing capabilities for some of the world’s largest and most innovative brands, includ ...

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