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Type Country Industry Product/Technology No. of users/Leads
Lead Greece pos 1-10
Lead USA Retail pos 11-50
Lead Hong Kong Sporting Goods pos 1001-5000
Lead USA Financial Services pos 5001-10,000
Lead India Information Technology and Services pos 10,001+
Lead UK Education Management pos 1-10
Lead India Research pos 5001-10,000
Lead Indonesia pos 1
Lead United States pos 1
Lead USA Marketing and Advertising pos 51-200
Lead Netherlands Restaurants pos 11-50
Lead Lebanon Telecommunications pos 1001-5000
Lead France Computer Software pos 10,001+
Lead India pos 1
Lead Kuwait pos 1
Lead UK pos 1
Lead South Africa Management Consulting pos 11-50
Lead USA Financial Services pos 201-500
Lead Ecuador pos 1
Lead USA Government Administration pos 10,001+
Lead Jeddah Saudi Arabia Banking pos 5001-10,000
Lead India Internet pos 501-1000
Lead India Computer Software pos 1
Lead Canada pos 1
Lead USA Computer Software pos 1-10
Lead USA International Affairs pos 5001-10,000
Lead USA Publishing pos 51-200
Lead USA Financial Services pos 1
Lead USA Information Technology and Services pos 10,001+
Lead South Africa Business Supplies and Equipment pos 11-50

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The pricing is based on the country or regions that you are interested to gain access and is charged on a monthly basis.
No. You get unlimited access to the leads and quotations that are uploaded each month on our platform.
We get quotation requests and leads from every country on the planet so no matter where your company is based you can try Intent Signals.
While there is no trial option, we do offer a plan for local IT companies to get access to a number of leads for free per month. Please contact our team for more information.
On the quotation requests you will be sending your quote directly to the appropriate person and for the intent data you get all the necessary company details to get in touch with a specific lead.