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Partner Portal

Find out what’s a partner portal and why your business should start using one in order to increase productivity and sales. It is reported that a partner portal can increase partner productivity and sales up to 15%. That’s why the Elioplus PRM solution integrates the Partner Portal feature by default.

What is a partner portal?

A partner portal is a software tool used by companies with a partner network to manage, optimize and automate their partnerships. A partner portal or PRM tool can be customized to fit specific needs based on the structure of a partner program or the benefits a vendor is offering. Typically, some of the features included in every partner portal include a resources page or content management system, deal registration and lead distribution, partner directory and locator and a collaboration tool.

Why is a partner portal important?

A partner portal can help channel managers to automate many of their channel tasks when it comes to reporting, approving deal registrations, providing marketing content and other material to their partners and give incentives to their network. Also, it helps a channel company to have a single source for all their tech partnerships and reporting needs and thus reducing their workload and increase their productivity.