Company Type:

Channel Partners

Country: Ukraine

City: Dnipro


Anadea is a full-stack custom software development company, specialized in building intelligent and unique apps for web and mobile platforms. Our main specialization is exclusive projects with no analogues and we are proficient in tailoring each our software product to the individual demands of our customers. We practice Agile approach and specialize in Ruby on Rails, Java and Scala programming languages.



Market Specialization:

Enterprise (B2B)

Partner Program available for:


Contact Details:

Sholom-Aleykhema Street, 4/26, Dnepropetrovsk

+ 380 -

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Molaboo Development is one of the leading providers of solutions and technologies in Eastern Europe. Our projects range from small startup businesses to highly complex business platforms for large companies. Day-to-day, we stay focused on providing the best solutions for our clients around the globe.

We are OpenCV veterans, passionate about innovations in computer vision and we've been focused in particular on real-time image processing: object detection, facial recognition and automated video content analysis. Our tech team consists of computer vision algorithm engineers, researchers and developers with strong background in image processing, feature extraction, feature matching and Open CV libraries.

To really get serious about the immersive digital realm, you need an innovative software development partner like ServReality. This is especially true, when it comes to augmented and virtual reality software and AI Applications. Would you like to develop rich and responsive games compatible with Google daydream, Oculus or HTC Vive? Looking to create an augmented reality app virtually letting your customers try on clothes or even preview chic furniture within their homes? Got any virtual or mixed reality software idea to create and implement? In the hunt for a professional team of coders and designers to create your new machine learning app?ServReality has got you covered on all of these!Based in Ukraine, we’re a cutting edge imaginative production house with a strong commitment to quality, innovations, and efficiency. Our team consists of 100+ professional technicians, who can provide you with robust virtual world software, Artificial Intelligence apps plus outstaffing and out ...

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Founded in 2009, Adoriasoft is the company that has written its history of professionalism, hard work, commitment and dedication. With quality being our highest priority we have followed the routes less traveled. As a result, Adoriasoft has succeeded in merging effective agile methodologies with the cost-effective distributed team model. Right from the start we were guided by bringing the most value to clients and satisfaction to customers, which has helped us to successfully complete and deliver more than 50 projects. With our deep devotion to high quality standards all these years we have managed to maintain reputed clients who repeatedly put their trust in us. Today Adoriasoft proudly stands within the ranks of professional software development service providers with its powerful Research and Development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We continue to write our exciting history of best-of-breed IT services, winning more and more clients worldwide.

Award-winning software design and development agency. We build great products providing efficient process and clear communication.