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Company Type:

Channel Partners

Country: Greece

City: Athens


For 16 years we provide web hosting for various websites. Large companies have chosen us to host their emails and data. We provide hosting for every need at very reasonable prices. Linux hosting or Windows hosting, Plesk or cPanel, plus database or not, easy-to-install Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. . We offer domain name registrations of all the TLDs available at the lowest prices.



Market Specialization:

Consumers (B2C)
Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)

Partner Program available for:

API Program (Developers)

Contact Details:

I.Polemi 13

+ 30 - 2319999900

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Cosmos Business Systems is one of the main Systems Integrator in Information Technology and Telecommunications in Greek and Cypriot market. Cosmos collaborates directly with IBM, HPE, HP Inc., Dell Technologies, Lenovo, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, Microsoft, Oracle & VMware, Snow and Think Cell. The company’s objective is to offer integrated Turn-Key Solutions in IT Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Services, Software and Consulting to Industrial and Commercial Markets and to Business Professionals – focusing mainly on the middle and large corporations of the Private Sector, Public Sector, Banking and Telecoms.Cosmos Business Systems has 220 employees and in 2021 reached 45€ mil revenue.The group consists of the mother company Cosmos Business Systems S.A., and two (100% owned) subsidiaries, Cosmos Consulting S.A. and CBS IT (Cyprus) LTD.Cosmos is located in Athens, Thessaloniki and in Nicosia (Cyprus).Cosmos Business Systems S.A distributes all activities in five Strat ...

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Δες τις υπηρεσίες, προϊόντα και συνεργάτες της εταιρείας Eurodot AE

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