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Channel Partners

Country: Switzerland

City: Zurich


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Dreierweg 11 8155 Niederhasli

+ 41 -

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Unsere Big Data, Industrie 4.0 und BI-Services sind auch für KMU attraktive Schritte Richtung datengetriebene Entscheide, Voraussagen und Wissensaufbau.

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We offer Digital Consulting, Implementation and Operations services that turn digital systems into strategic assets. Tinext consultants provide digital advisory services on planning and executing end-to-end customer journeys across digital channels.Our core expertise lies in the delivery of projects enhancing digital customer experiences, providing solutions by introducing new technologies or connecting existing tools.Tinext partners with leading digital platforms, web content management systems, customer engagement solutions & CRM, and marketing automation vendors such as Salesforce, Magnolia and Liferay.

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