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Country: Russia


Simtech is the first-hand developer of CS-Cart software. CS-Cart is ready-to-use PHP and MySQL based software for online stores with an open access to the source code. This solution with easy-to-use interface allows to start selling online immediately. Its feature set fits into businesses of any size, from a small single-product shop to a full-featured online store.

Partner Program Description:

Our software has already gained the confidence of lots of customers throughout the world, and our Reseller Program allows to distribute well-known and well promoted software that is always in great demand. More information about the program conditions can be found on our website:

We currently offer the following products: CS-Cart ( and Multi-Vendor (

CS-Cart allows to build an online store where the root administrator can manage their products through one or multiple storefronts.

Multi-Vendor, as a CS-Cart extended product, lets clients create a kind of an online “mall” where multiple vendors can sell their products through one common storefront.

At the moment CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor are used in 163 countries of the world and there are more than 35 000 online stores based on our software. We will be glad to consider your request for the reseller status.

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Proezd Sirenevyi, 7?, Ulyanovsk, 432010, Russian Federation

+ 7 - 42030262550