TransactionTree Inc

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Country: United States


TransactionTree, Inc. is the leading provider of electronic-receipt solutions for the retail industry as well as other transaction-oriented enterprises. Our technology reduces retailers' negative impact on the environment while saving them money and increasing their personal relationship with customers.

Partner Program Description:

Many of our partners are Point-of-Sale Companies, POS Resellers, and Advertising Agencies. Companies such as these provide value-added services to their customers through TransactionTree. Our Partner Program extras include a generous revenue share, complimentary use of a TransactionTree account for your own marketing purposes, and access to a complete library of content, graphics, and other marketing materials. You determine your level of involvement with your customers, from selling TransactionTree's solutions to completely managing their digital marketing and transactional e-mail.


Digital Media

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Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)
Enterprise (B2B)

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2472 Jett Ferry Rd., Suite 400 #368

+ 1 - 8888039990