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Galvanize builds data driven security, risk management, compliance, and audit software. We’re on a mission to unite these teams in our HighBond platform in order to strengthen individuals and protect organizations.

Galvanize is the new name of the company given when ACL acquired RSAM. ACL has been a global leader in data driven analytics for audit and fraud prevention for over 20 years. RSAM has been a leader in GRC software Together, they form a enviable force in data driven GRC.


HighBond is the end-to-end platform, designed by industry experts, to create stronger security, risk management, compliance, and assurance. It connects these professionals with the answers that drive change—so they can work better together and protect the organization.

Our ACL Robotics and Analytics Platform drives automation of audit, risk and compliance management using real data with direct access to most popular Enterprise systems like SAP and Oracle. Its easy to use interface, configurable workflows and attractive one-click reports cut costs of audit, internal control, risk and compliance management all over the world. It's analytical capabilities particularly used for fraud prevention and detection. Use Robotics for real-time monitoring as well as continuous audit. Update metrics and charts with real data automatically.

Reduce costs, improve efficiency and compliance with Highbond solutions.

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