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Country: Belgium


Few years ago, in partnership with a large local furniture retail chain, we developed eMeubel, complete and scalable ERP software designed for large mono or multi furniture, furnishing and interior design stores.

This cooperation helped us creating a top selling program exclusively designed for this sector that in 10 years became market leader in north Europe.

eMeubel is currently distributed in different Countries.

Partner Program Description:

At the moment we are scouting new territories and exploring new partnerships possibilities with IT companies (software houses, VARs, ESP and software developers) interested in the furniture retail sector, with experience in complete ERP solutions, a good knowledge of SQL database and able to manage complex IT projects including consultancy, sale, installation, training and after sale support.

eMeubel is a no nonsense software created for heavy and professional use; the purpose of the program is to cut costs, work, time and mistakes. The developers started from a blank sheet to build the software around the customer’s needs without construction limits. This helped them creating a no frills scalable ERP able to match different ways of working (push or pull sales, JIT or rolling stock, pick up or deliveries, matrix or linear stock item optional creation).

There are lots of ERP retail software available everywhere but very few are for the furniture retail sector simply because it is a very complicate business with many peculiarities compared to a standard shop management program.



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Enterprise (B2B)

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