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APPLY FILTERS is an all-in-one Employee Monitoring Software, which helps in tracking and managing productivity, attendance, and activity insights. Best suitable to monitor employees working from home, office or hybrid. Join our partner program to excel in your business faster. Build and nurture long-term customer relationships while escalating security, compliance and workplace productivity.

We develop software for Small and Medium Scale Business Enterprises engaged in manufacturing, trading or services; providing a cost effective means to integrate the requirements of all functions and departments of the business into one program which the entire organization can use to plan, track and monitor their operations to enhance productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and hence the profitability of the enterprise. The program is available in four versions meeting the requirements of every scale of operation be it an individual, small team or large enterprise.

PRIMMS( is a project management tool which uses artificial intelligence to give a correct picture of how the project is doing to the management.

Technology is developing fast and you as a new age Entrepreneur need to keep up the pace. With so many business innovations happening every day, your business too needs an upgradation. Meshink is Systems Management Company specialising in Software sales .

Liferay Portal eXpertsFeatured amongst the top 25 web development companies in south India.Certified for ISO 9001:2008 for the scope of open source development.Alliances with Global technology leaders like NESS Technologies, SHARP.Over 50+ years of combined experience on executing projects globally.Global presence: - USA, UAE, Australia & India.

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