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Browse the best Hr Administration IT companies in Germany

Find in the list below the best Hr Administration solutions companies like resellers, IT providers, MSPs, consultants and other channel companies in Germany. You can browse the companies based on their location or the products they offer.

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View the solutions, services and product portfolio of INSTART consult

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Solics GmbH

Qalgo is a company that provides cloud-based solutions for architects, engineers, developers, and construction companies to digitize and automate their workflows. Their flagship product, Synapcus, offers a holistic approach to project management, from ...

HTK is a company that develops individual IT solutions, including betriebswirtschaftliche software, individual and add-in programming, professional service, and internet solutions with betriebswirtschaftlichen aspects.

dinext. Group is a Full Service IT consulting company that offers solutions in Cloud ERP, Cloud HR, Business Intelligence, and IT Security.

bizz consult gmbh is a development partner of Sage, a leading manufacturer of commercial software for small and medium-sized businesses. They offer flexible software solutions for businesses and specialize in the development of business processes.

AS Büropartner GmbH is a software and system house in Freiburg that provides powerful hardware and tailored software solutions, as well as high security measures.

Götz Günther GmbH is an IT system house that specializes in the sales and support of Sage software products for industry, trade, crafts, and service providers. They offer professional software solutions in the areas of merchandise management, logistics...

BORM Informatik GmbH is a company that provides ERP software and solutions for wood processing companies, such as furniture makers, carpenters, and joiners.

HS Hamburger Software is a leading ERP software provider in Germany and Austria, offering flexible ERP systems for small businesses and the mid-market. Their smart ERP system and versatile merchandise management software help accelerate individual busi...

AAIC is a company that provides IT consulting and services, specializing in Sage software and IT technology. They offer services such as training, support, installation, and customization for small and medium-sized businesses in various industries.

Hilltop Consulting is a certified Sage partner that specializes in Sage software and custom extensions and interfaces. They offer a range of services including process analysis, implementation, and optimization.

Pro Active GmbH is a Sage Platinum Partner that provides ERP and HR software solutions for mid-sized businesses. Their solutions include areas such as inventory management, accounting, CRM, payroll, time tracking, archiving, and production and industry...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of EuroComConsult

VRG Unternehmensgruppe is a company that provides IT and software solutions, including integrated software and consulting for personal payroll and management, as well as B2B solutions for all industries.

CRM Solutions GmbH is a company that provides ERP, HR, and CRM software to help businesses speed up their processes and increase employee satisfaction.

EDV-Systemhaus mit langjähriger WinLine Erfahrung. Support im Bereich der IT-/ERP/CRM Projekte sowie Hard-, Software-Consulting & Management.

Starke Datensysteme Erfurt GmbH ist Ihr Partner für Software. Egal, ob Starke-DMS®, Sage HR, Diamant oder andere - bei uns finden Sie die passende Lösung!

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of BCIS IT-Systeme GmbH und Co KG

Baseline Bremen is an IT systemhaus that offers comprehensive software solutions to support your business processes, including warehousing, CRM, and financial management.

Sehen Sie sich die Lösungen, Services und das Produktportfolio von PCM GmbH

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of parcs IT-Consulting GmbH

Die BASIS-Software GmbH bietet ein breites Produktportfolio für den Mittelstand an. Mit dem ERP-System (WinLine) bekommen Sie eine passgenaue Lösung.

Das ERP-System exklusiv für Einzelfertiger, Auftrags- & Variantenfertiger. Erfolgreich Ihr Unternehmen managen - jetzt kostenfreies Webinar buchen ?

Business Software Vergleich - Finden und vergleichen Sie 869 Business Software Anbieter nach passenden Branchensoftware Lösungen für ihr Unternehmen.

Willkommen bei der MACH AG. MACH unterstützt mit spezialisierter Software öffentliche Verwaltungen bei der Digitalisierung.

Sehen Sie sich die Lösungen, Services und das Produktportfolio von ALYF GmbH

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Sehen Sie sich die Lösungen, Services und das Produktportfolio von ACG Automation Consulting Group GmbH

SoftBCom offers full stack software solutions for customer services, omnichannel contact centers, IT service management and many more.

Papershift is cloud based workforce management that involves employees - simply, efficiently & online. With Papershift, companies save time and optimize processes, whether it's with shift, vacation or absence planning, as well as time tracking.Founded in 2015, the mission of Papershift is, to radically simplify personnel planning in companies. The modular offering, coupled with the flexibility of the software, manages to map every use case, regardless of the industry or company size. Our experience shows that the efficient integration of employees in personnel planning accelerates processes and at the same time leads to higher satisfaction in the company. For these reasons, more than 200,000 users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland already rely on our cloud software every day.

Exzellentes Marktverständnis in der Energiewirtschaft und im öffentlichen Sektor. BSI-zertifizierter Rechenzentrumsverbund. Innovative IT-Lösungen.

TOPIX ist DIE Business-Software mit ERP, CRM, HR und FINANCE für macOS und Windows für eine effiziente und zeitgemäße Unternehmensverwaltung.

Sehen Sie sich die Lösungen, Services und das Produktportfolio von Syllwasschy GmbH

?Zeiterfassung für Mitarbeiter ?Individuelle Lösungen ?Einfach ?Effizient ?Zuverlässig ?Jetzt unverbindlich anfragen bei Ringer Zeiterfassung!

Software für Personalmanagement, Recruiting & Talent Management. Hochflexibel, mehrsprachig und modular.

Sehen Sie sich die Lösungen, Services und das Produktportfolio von planzeit GmbH

Sehen Sie sich die Lösungen, Services und das Produktportfolio von OPUS Software-Betreuungs

Sehen Sie sich die Lösungen, Services und das Produktportfolio von Meissen IT

Wir finden die optimale Lösung für Ihre SAP-HCM-Herausforderung. Mit unseren Experten bringen wir Ihr Unternehmen nach vorne!

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