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The application security market is growing rapidly at a CAGR of 19.5% and is expected to reach $8.4 billion by 2024 meaning a great opportunity for channel companies. Offering an application security tool also allows many channel companies like consultants or resellers and service providers to provide additional services. Usually, application security channel companies offer similar services around data security like vulnerability management and monitoring etc. so it’s a great opportunity to broaden the scope of businesses and serve their customers better.

Below it’s a list of channel partners like resellers, VARs and data security consultants that offer such services and are interested to partner with application security vendors and add more product to their portfolio.

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Bluefire Redteam

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Bluefire Redteam is a cybersecurity company that provides services to businesses and organizations to help them protect their digital assets from cyber threats. The company offers a range of services, including Redteam assessments, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for web, mobile, network and cloud assets, secure code review, V-CISO, Threat modelling, and SOC as a Service.We were recently featured as Silicon India's Top Pentesting Startups in 2023.We at Bluefire Redteam work very closely with our clients to provide out-of-the-box security solutions to ensure overall security. We believe in curating methodologically driven services which are performed by skilled teammates. Our SMEs at Bluefire Redteam recommend the best continuous security solutions to our clients that might impact their business if not implemented and a foothold is gained by an attacker. Not every engagement is a penetration test or red team exercise; we recommend to-the-point solutions tha ...

Acronis unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated, automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern digital world. With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers and IT professionals, Acronis provides superior cyber protection for data, applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions powered by AI. With advanced anti-malware powered by cutting-edge machine intelligence and blockchain based data authentication technologies, Acronis protects any environment – from cloud to hybrid to on premises – at a low and predictable cost.Founded in Singapore in 2003 and incorporated in Switzerland in 2008, Acronis now has more than 2,000 employees and offices in 34 locations worldwide. Its solutions are trusted by more than 5.5 million home users and 500,000 companies, a ...

At Acronis, we protect the data, applications, systems and productivity of every organization – safeguarding them against cyberattacks, hardware failures, natural disasters and human errors. We empower service providers to protect their infrastructure and the infrastructure of their clients while maintaining high profit margins. We enable corporate IT teams and home office users to protect their business’ critical infrastructure with high reliability and a low cost.

SKOVVY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is an IT consulting, services, and solutions provider that empowers businesses to optimize their operations and achieve their objectives through technology. We have operations in US, UK, UAE and India and offering Managed Service to our customers to manage end to end of their IT service. Our focus is towards Zero touch IT (ZTIT) services where us we automate all the services and ensure secure and risk free services to our customers.

Menshen Lda., founded in 2002, is an esteemed Angolan IT firm recognized for quality and innovation. It boasts Angola's longest-standing Microsoft Certified Partnership and has forged strong alliances with major tech players like Microsoft, Adobe, Kaspersky, and Veeam. Partnering with the First Technology Group, which employs over 500 Microsoft Certified Technicians, Menshen Lda. leverages a global network extending from South Africa to the U.S., England, and Kenya. This enables the company to integrate local insights with international advancements, enhancing service delivery. Menshen serves a broad client base, offering licensing and technical services and continually raising the bar in Angola’s IT industry.

HackStack is a pentesting services company offering a streamlined modern approach to help safeguard your digital fortress.With HackStack's pentesters, development teams finally can ditch archaic methods and incorporate security bug reports into their sprints in a trusted, agile-friendly approach!We perform your quarterly penetration tests, filter false positive bug bounty reports, and streamline it to your preferred ticketing platform - Jira, Notion, ClickUp, and even traditional Word / PDF report. See more at

Saudi Bell Group is a leading system integrator in Saudi Arabia providing various authorities with security systems, information technology, and telecommunications. They have more than 35 years of experience in the Saudi market and offer extensive tech...

Emaar Executive is a company that provides technical IT and security solutions, including network expansion, data center installation, security cameras, and smart homes and buildings.

IT Serve Qatar is a full-service ICT solution and consulting house that offers solutions from cabling infrastructure to managed helpdesk and enterprise-level support.

AD7 Consulting is an IT consultancy located in the Midlands, providing email, messaging and migration support.

BlueSky Group is a UK-based IT services and consulting company that provides support, managed services, data center services, and resource as a service (RAAS) to clients. Their solutions are centered around business advantages, be that cost, speed or e...

Grupo Oruss, innovation and cybersecurity in perfect harmony to safeguard your present and ensure your future. We are experts in ethical hacking, pentesting and other cybersecurity arts, offering a range of computer security tests and analysis that ranges from application auditing (web, mobile, API), to social engineering.Our value proposition goes further by incorporating Extended Cybersecurity, a comprehensive strategy that includes risk management and regulatory compliance with standards such as ISO, GDPR, ISO 27001 – 27005, PCI, among others, guaranteeing not only the protection of your technology, but also the effectiveness of your implemented processes. At Grupo Oruss, we support you today so that you can prosper tomorrow.The Grupo Oruss team strives to generate clear and detailed reports, presenting useful information to those involved in the assurance process, obtaining valuable information for your team and supporting increased levels of cybersecurity in your organiza ...

SanaTech GS offers a wide range of services and solutions in Software Applications.Eighty percent of all systems installed today are comprised of multi-vendor components. The ability to produce custom configurations is often required and a service element is necessary to provide end-user training, ongoing operations, and maintenance of the delivered system.SanaTech GS specializes in bringing together your component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together. We have the project management expertise, tools, and training skills to deliver complete solutions to our customers.

Data Driven Digital Transformation. Done Better.At Cognitio Digital we don’t try to do it all, or be everything to everybody. We do what we do well, and we do what we love: we make digital happen!?With a proven track record and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we focus our energy on the keys to digital transformation: developing bulletproof processes and standards (that can be automated), building robust data pipelines, working on the best technology platforms, and engineering excellent security into the system by design. We deliver digital outcomes based on our experience honed from years of delivery in large global systems integrators and top tier consultancies. Our depth is in the complex, sensitive and protected environments of Government, Health and the Defence Sector, as well as Financial Services and the Resources industry.?We bring industrialised know-how, tools and the Cognitio mindset - which means that we're as committed to your digital future as you ...

Scapa Technologies is an independent software company that specializes in load and performance testing of VDI, Thin Client, and BMC Remedy infrastructures.

Cascade Solutions Inc. is a company that provides state of the art technology solutions to large enterprises and government agencies, specializing in Operation Centers, Cybersecurity Solutions, IT Consultancy, and Artificial Intelligence IT Services.

Innovative Frequency Ltd. (ife) is a leading IT system integrator that specializes in providing enterprise security solutions, core infrastructure and IT services, mobility and performance management solutions.

Cogetix is a team of certified Google Workspace experts and strategists. We have more than 10 years of Google application experience on the counter.Our mission is to maximize the potential of Google Workspace for your organization so that your investment gets the best return.We foster collaboration among your employees through installation and migration to Google Workspace. We also provide technical support and additional services for increased productivity.You can find us in Stabroek (North Antwerp), but we work for SMBs and non-profit organizations all over Flanders.

Stratus Security is a reputable cybersecurity consultancy dedicated to safeguarding businesses against digital threats. Our diverse service offerings encompass penetration testing, bespoke security services, and cybersecurity strategy development. With a team of seasoned experts, Stratus Security provides comprehensive solutions to fortify your business against evolving cybersecurity challenges. Our mission is to deliver superior protection, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and fortified digital landscapes.

Secure Network is a penetration testing and security assessment company based in Milan and operating worldwide. They offer specialized services to assess the security of your systems and support you in the protection of your core businesses.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Ora Zero Group

HyperSecureIT is an IT and technology services company based in Geneva, Switzerland. They provide IT consulting and cybersecurity services to small and medium-sized organizations.

Exa Information Technology is a Saudi company that specializes in cloud and cyber security services, managed IT services, employment solutions, and cloud call center solutions. They are also a private equity firm focused on investing in software and te...

The Migus Group is a leading systems integrator specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM),Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). For almost a decade, we have been empowering organizations to secure their digital environments by improving cybersecurity systems and processes, often while increasing operational efficiencies. We understand that not all migrations are a “lift and shift” effort. We can help you analyze and understand your data and transform and organize it for you in a way that makes sense for your current business needs using robust custom tooling to ensure data integrity. Let us remove the “needless complexity” from the process. Off-the-shelf solutions are a great start, but they need customization and ongoing management to unlock their potential. To that end, The Migus Group designs easily extensible and maintainable codebases to help you integrate into your other business processes and DevOps practices. We stand by t ...

TechnoBiz is a cyber security company that delivers solutions and services for network and data center protection, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing.

Ebryx is an engineering consultancy that offers systems engineering and software development services in web, telecom, and intellectual property and brand protection domains.

United Arab Emirates is a leading cyber security company that provides managed cybersecurity services to protect companies from potential cyberattacks. They offer endpoint security services, intrusion detection and prevention, application and network firewalls, wi...

We are a leading Managed Security Services Provider dedicated to safeguarding businesses from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. With an impressive array of specialized solutions, Wydur offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to fortify digital assets, detect vulnerabilities, and respond swiftly to potential security breaches.

INFO SHIELD Co is an IT solution provider that offers a range of services including IT consulting, cybersecurity, virtualization, networking, cloud backup, surveillance, hardware, software development, and web design.

Arshridh is a leading provider of comprehensive lead generation services that empower businesses to expand their client base and enhance revenue streams. With a strategic blend of state-of-the-art technology, data intelligence, and industry expertise, Arshridh is dedicated to helping companies achieve their growth objectives through a steady influx of qualified leads.

Anovis is a service delivery specialist in network connectivity and security solutions. They offer comprehensive national and international services and operate their own 24/7 Global Service Desk.

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