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SKOVVY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is an IT consulting, services, and solutions provider that empowers businesses to optimize their operations and achieve their objectives through technology. We have operations in US, UK, UAE and India and offering Managed Service to our customers to manage end to end of their IT service. Our focus is towards Zero touch IT (ZTIT) services where us we automate all the services and ensure secure and risk free services to our customers.

Cywolf Solutions is a global company that specializes in providing comprehensive security services for automation, transformation, and cybersecurity for IT & OT. With a strong focus on Compliance Management, we are actively engaged in Asia and the Midd...

CPX is a cybersecurity company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They offer a range of services including cyber resilience, cloud security, red team services, and more. They have served clients in government, healthcare, finance, and other sectors. CPX aims to ...

WaterlooIT is a company that provides modern IT services for businesses, including troubleshooting and resolving issues, supporting employee hardware and software, and offering consulting, design, installation, cloud compute, compliance, project manage...

Data Driven Digital Transformation. Done Better.At Cognitio Digital we don’t try to do it all, or be everything to everybody. We do what we do well, and we do what we love: we make digital happen!?With a proven track record and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we focus our energy on the keys to digital transformation: developing bulletproof processes and standards (that can be automated), building robust data pipelines, working on the best technology platforms, and engineering excellent security into the system by design. We deliver digital outcomes based on our experience honed from years of delivery in large global systems integrators and top tier consultancies. Our depth is in the complex, sensitive and protected environments of Government, Health and the Defence Sector, as well as Financial Services and the Resources industry.?We bring industrialised know-how, tools and the Cognitio mindset - which means that we're as committed to your digital future as you ...

Valorem First is a digital and technology consultancy that specializes in IT support, managed IT services, digital transformation services, and carbon accounting.

Data Pie Cybersecurity is a Swiss company that specializes in comprehensive cybersecurity, IT security, security audits, and data protection.

ConServ is a certified IT solutions and services company that provides IT consulting, education solutions, application and software development solutions, data science solutions, digital transformation solutions, service lifecycle solutions, ICT system...

Hudson Technology is a Canadian managed services provider based in Toronto, Ontario that offers custom tailored solutions to meet clients' objectives in information technology and business services.

solira is a company based in Winterthur that specializes in IT security and cybersecurity. With over 25 years of experience in the field, solira offers consulting, auditing, and planning services to help businesses develop a comprehensive IT security s...

Furaco IT is an IT consulting company based in Milan that offers services and solutions through a proprietary cloud platform. They simplify and make efficient the IT system of your company.

Stratus Security is a reputable cybersecurity consultancy dedicated to safeguarding businesses against digital threats. Our diverse service offerings encompass penetration testing, bespoke security services, and cybersecurity strategy development. With a team of seasoned experts, Stratus Security provides comprehensive solutions to fortify your business against evolving cybersecurity challenges. Our mission is to deliver superior protection, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and fortified digital landscapes.

Redguard AG is a company specialized in information security and cyber security with headquarters in Bern and Zurich. They offer neutral and independent consulting services for all challenges in the field of information security. Their services include...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Phosym

Michael Wilmot Business Management Services is a company that offers business management services across multiple industries including IT&T, construction, facility management, healthcare, human services, engineering, and mining.

The Migus Group is a leading systems integrator specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM),Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). For almost a decade, we have been empowering organizations to secure their digital environments by improving cybersecurity systems and processes, often while increasing operational efficiencies. We understand that not all migrations are a “lift and shift” effort. We can help you analyze and understand your data and transform and organize it for you in a way that makes sense for your current business needs using robust custom tooling to ensure data integrity. Let us remove the “needless complexity” from the process. Off-the-shelf solutions are a great start, but they need customization and ongoing management to unlock their potential. To that end, The Migus Group designs easily extensible and maintainable codebases to help you integrate into your other business processes and DevOps practices. We stand by t ...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of ARISK SpA

Graxo Consulting is a cybersecurity company that offers a range of services to protect businesses of all sizes. Their team of experienced and certified professionals work to simplify cybersecurity challenges and turn them into business opportunities.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Cyber Silo

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Aman Solutions For Cybersecurity

Red Consulting is a company that provides business consulting services in Brescia, Italy. They specialize in project management, process analysis, strategic consulting, and GDPR compliance to help companies innovate and become more efficient.

ERIS Consulting is an IT services and consulting company that specializes in protecting and managing corporate information and related technologies.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Giampietro Peghetti

FREGAT is a company that offers a full range of IT services tailored to the needs of SMEs. They specialize in strengthening internal efficiency, digital visibility, and security for their clients.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Dottor Marc Srl

Bl4ckswan S.r.l. is a management consulting firm specialized in the delivery of information security and compliance services, most notably related to Payment Card Industry standards, Information Security Management Systems, and Data Protection.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Progetto SAVI Alfa Srl

Ambiente Lavoro Salute is a company that provides consulting and services in the areas of workplace safety, occupational medicine, and environmental management.

Studio Fiorenzi is a company that provides computer forensic investigations, cyber security solutions, and IT consulting services to individuals, companies, law firms, and insurance agencies.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Unisphere Solutions

We are a leading Managed Security Services Provider dedicated to safeguarding businesses from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. With an impressive array of specialized solutions, Wydur offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to fortify digital assets, detect vulnerabilities, and respond swiftly to potential security breaches.

Consulting & Solutions is a company that provides technological solutions to improve productivity and competitiveness. Their team of experts offers customized solutions to meet the needs of their clients in any sector.

Die anykey GmbH ist ein 1999 gegründetes IT-Systemhaus mit traditionell starkem Dienstleistungsfokus. Unsere Kunden sind branchenübergreifend Unternehmen mit eigenen Rechenzentren, Hersteller- sowie Partnerunternehmen.Mit langjähriger Projekterfahrung und Servicekompetenz unterstützen wir unsere Kunden ganzheitlich in den Bereichen Informationssicherheit, Server- und Speichersysteme, Datenbanken, Hochverfügbarkeit und Risikomanagement.Neben der Projektplanung und -durchführung bieten wir Beratung, Architektur, Beschaffung und Implementierung sowie Supportleistungen und Managed Services an. Unsere ganzheitliche kunden- und lösungsorientierte Arbeitsweise ist dabei entscheidend für unseren Erfolg in mittlerweile über 1000 Projekten.

Nachste is an Italian company that provides IT consulting and services, with a focus on innovation, digitalization, and information security. They offer consulting, education, and helpdesk services, and aim to be the interface between the entrepreneur ...

AdHoc Solutions is a company that offers simple and efficient solutions for enterprise process and costs, with a focus on document management, optical character recognition, digital archive, and enterprise risk management.

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Neumus srl

Margas is a company that provides insurance brokerage and consulting services. They are a strategic partner for analyzing, mitigating, and transferring business risks.

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View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Riesko

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Muscope Cybersecurity

FooForce is an IT managed service provider that plans, customizes, and manages clients' IT needs. They offer IT strategy, solutions, and support to empower businesses to achieve their goals. They are based in North Sydney and have clients across Austra...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of cyan Digital Security

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