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UniSender service is a popular system of mass emails and SMS mailings. The service helps to increase the percentage of repeated sales and gives the opportunity to keep your customers the track of the latest events in your company.

UniSender service allows you:

• Quickly to create email and SMS sendings using ready-made free templates;

• To segment customers and choose a specific target audience of your general list;

• To make automatic mailings of letters’ series. For example, the first letter can be sent immediately, the second - in 2 days, the third - in a week, etc .;

• To conduct A/B split testing, in order to find out which letters are more effective and bring more profit;

• To observe the effectiveness of your mailings, and to see the percentage of open the letters (Open Rate), to go to the websites and purchase orders with each letter.

Advantages of UniSender service are following:

• Guaranteed letters delivery of 99%;

• Simple and clear block template editor for creating professional letters;

• Personal manager for large customers, who will help and answer all your questions;

• Additional services for the development of individual email-strategy;

We are the only company that teaches you free an email-marketing, which will allow you to effectively carry out the mailings and thus gain more profit.

Partner Program Description:

Starting the cooperation reseller receives 30% of all clients’ payments, like the information and technical support.

The affiliate system implies the spreading of your affiliate link. Affiliate gets 50% from the first sale of the client and 25% from each next one for two years. In development we are interested in working out of plug-ins for integration of UniSender service along with CRM and CMS systems.



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Consumers (B2C)
Enterprise (B2B)

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