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Movylo is a self service platform with a free mobile App to help SMB's do the following things: - create their mobile store (smartphone & tablet) - find customers in different channels - create unlimited promotions, deals and share them in 1 click - have a mobile check out

Movylo is used worldwide to boost mobile sales and conversion rates. Some of our merchants are small stores with a daily deal, some others are e-commerce stores with thousands of SKU's that use Movylo to manage mobile sales.

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Movylo helps SMB's find customers and increase sales with mobile.

We have an affiliation program that allows agencies, sales reps, ISO's and consultants sell Movylo and get 30-50% lifetime of the Movylo monthly subscription (you can see packages here:


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Small & mid-sized businesses (B2B)

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29 Court Square, Boston, MA 02108

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