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Descubra as melhores empresas de software de API Tools e provedores de serviços no Brazil

Encontre na lista abaixo as melhores empresas de software de API Tools, agências, prestadores de serviços e revendedores de TI que estão atualmente em nossa plataforma para auxiliá-lo na implantação, treinamento, suporte ou consultoria em serviços no Brazil.

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Skalena is the exclusive public sector WSO2 distributor in Brazil and Global VAR, as well as a regional distributor in LATAM and Portugal for the 42Crunch

Targetware was founded in 2007 and today we are are one of the biggest software reseller company in Brazil with branches in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. We have today more than 5,000 partners of Software Components and Scientific Software, through the more different areas, like educational, statistic, GIS, sound edition, etc. We have a Professional and motivated Sales Team that take care of more than 3,000 customers every year, and an excellent and active Marketing Team. Our website has more than 300,000 visits per month and is reference in IT. In addition, we have a free Magazine that is published in yearly basis and sent to 10,000 company buyers from top Brazilian Companies, we promote webinars, trade shows and Workshops. We also work with active telemarketing based on list from our Partners, we send e-mail marketing and also act to locate products and websites from our partners, for example, the Portuguese version of Critical Tools (

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