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Conheça os melhores parceiros e revendedores Corel no Brazil

Encontre na lista abaixo os melhores revendedores ou parceiros da Corel que estão atualmente em nossa plataforma para ajudá-lo com serviços de implementação, treinamento ou consultoria no Brazil. Você pode localizar os parceiros da Corel com base em suas cidades e usar filtros adicionais, como setores com suporte.

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TI Tech Solutions is a Brazilian technology company that provides a complete portfolio of solutions for the logistics, industry, healthcare, and retail sectors. They offer automation solutions for the entire supply chain to ensure agility in logistics ...

SUPRIMASTER is a company that provides office equipment and supplies, including computer peripherals and printer ink.

Starlaser is a company that provides technology solutions for the graphic and editorial industry, including software, hardware, support, consulting, and training.

Software Mais is a company that specializes in providing professional software and hardware solutions for businesses. They offer consulting services for technology solutions, implementation, and deployment. Their goal is to provide excellent customer s...

ServWork is a company that offers technology solutions for various market segments, with a focus on providing high-quality services and products. They specialize in IT solutions, including server and storage solutions, virtualization, monitoring, and m...

RS PRO SOLUTION is a company that specializes in IT consulting, projects, services, and software and hardware reselling in the information technology sector. They work with the best market solutions that are tailored to the needs of their clients' busi...

FJ REDEmpresa is a company that provides IT outsourcing and management solutions. They offer a cycle of services that includes consulting, integration, auditing, and support for the continuous improvement of their clients' IT services.

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AViTi is a company that provides customized technology solutions to support the development and individual needs of each business. They offer a wide range of IT solutions including hardware, software, networking, security, and collaboration tools.

Maximiza is a company that offers cloud solutions and software licensing services to help businesses optimize their resources. They specialize in Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions and Azure cloud platform, as well as licensing software from major ma...

Klop is a company that provides IT solutions, services, and products for businesses. They offer technology consulting, cloud computing solutions, data protection services, and support for Microsoft products. They have been in the market for 20 years an...

Infomix Ltda is a company that provides specialized IT services, including hardware and software solutions, infrastructure and servers, and IT consulting.

Aleg Tecnologia is a technology company based in Sorocaba, Brazil that offers solutions from major technology manufacturers such as Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, and Zebra.

Wege Software is a company that specializes in selling and implementing corporate software solutions in Brazil. They work with Microsoft, Corel, Trend Micro, and TeamViewer, providing consulting services for better management of businesses. They offer ...

DCOMP IT is a company that provides IT services and equipment in Curitiba, Brazil. They specialize in servers, software licensing, and IT support.

Corporativo Info is a company that provides a complete line of hardware and software solutions for private and government enterprises in Brazil. They aim to satisfy the needs of their clients by delivering creative, innovative, and agile solutions that...

Braptec is a company that specializes in sales of hardware, software, and IT services for corporate clients. They offer a wide range of products and services, including notebooks, desktops, smartphones, servers, software licensing, cloud backup, securi...

AVS Tecnologia is a Brazilian company founded in 2004 that offers IT products and services to small and medium-sized businesses. They aim to provide a pleasant and unique experience in the use of IT products and services, while adding value to their cl...

Estamos estruturados para oferecer soluções completas compreendendo licenciamento, instalação, configuração, treinamento e consultoria para implementação de soluções Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, Corel e RedHat, nossa equipe técnica é constituída de pro...

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