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Qsource is an Egyptian firm that provides outsourcing services, including IT outsourcing, headcount outsourcing, SLA outsourcing, and BPO outsourcing. They also offer IT consultancy services, technical training, and management training.

Business Sense designs and produces innovative branded software solutions that address the specific needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses. The company offers an end-to-end software product portfolio to enable companies manage their finance and accounting departments, Supply Chain, Sales, Cash & Banks departments and their outlets. Products are built on variety of proven technologies with a focus on reliability and ease-of-use. Business Sense Partnered with Microsoft to Provide its professional services (implementation, configuration, Development & Training) for Microsoft Dynamics Products AX, Navision & CRM. Business Sense products & Professional Services sold all over Egypt & Arabic Region through Business Sense and our value added resellers (VAR’s).

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of iCONSULT

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of United OFOQ

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View the solutions, services and product portfolio of NOK Human Capital

TechnoBuilders offers ERP solutions for automating business processes powered by ERPNext for Small and Medium Size enterprizes contributing to aimed digital transformation for better performance and productivity of our customers' business. TechnoBuilders complements its ERP service solutions with the necessary IT infrastructure in terms of hardware, networks, and security solutions to protect customers' platforms and its hosted valuable data. We care more for quality of service and customer satisfaction.

SAP Vendor The company has started an independent specialized professional services Firm that combines deep industry knowledge with SAP technical expertise

If your aim is to skyrocket sales and profits. Than we may be the perfect technological partner. With more than a 30 years of business consulting and 21 years of ERP software implementation experience, we have the proven experience to help SMEs and mid-sized organizations solve big business problems.As your technological partner, you can look to us to in automating your processes so you can run your day-to-day business better. And giving you greater insight and flexibility—so you can make confident long-term decisions, then act fast to execute changes. Whether you are a growing small business that is expanding beyond the capabilities of an entry-level accounting solutions, such as QuickBooks, or an established mid-size or larger company that is looking to replace an outdated on-premises system, such as Microsoft Dynamics, there are several reasons why Prospera Systems and Oracle NetSuite may be the best option for your business. Let’s do something great together. ...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Ofok Systems

Welcome to the Official namasoft Fan Page! "Like" us to interact with other fans and get access to the latest and greatest about NAMA ERP ???? ??? ????

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Medrar is a leading training and IT services company focused on Training and Learning Solutions, and IT Services in Egypt and The Middle East region.

Smardex is a fast growing software solutions provider that helps the organizations to have more efficient operations at a reasonable cost and time since 5 years now.

Professional Web Development Company IT Gates provides custom website development, web application development, Pharmaceuticals CRM.

iNNOTECH is a pioneer company in information technology and information systems in Egypt. iNNOTECH presents innovative software solutions especially in the field of web and cloud technologies. It also presents solutions of web design and development, a...

Consultancy,Development,E-Commerce Solutions,Consultation,Design and Development,Technical Support,consultancy,outsourcing,cloud services

Informatica is an advanced Information Technology service provider specializing in IT consulting, IT support, IT services and IT outsourcing. specialty Oilfield

iBox Technology is pursuing an ambitious plan to create a new business opportunity by implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business based solutions.

Elite has fast become a dynamic and fast-moving company in software implementation & business solution in Egypt and has proven itself to be one of the market leaders. Elite is an Egyptian firm established in 2014. We have quickly expanded our operations globally and served customers from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emarat, Nigeria, and many others. Elite is a Microsoft Gold Partner specialized in Cloud solutions, Business Application and application development.

? Computer Services Group (C.S.G) is a specialized computer company dealing with Data Management and IT solutions.   Our Company has built a very good reputation in the Egyptian market. Our...

For the sake of digital transformation of business management and in the context of keeping up with the latest developments in the relationship between the tax authority and the taxpayer; Compact Soft was keen to present its latest product, which is th...

DIRAC SYSTEMS is a regional services provider offering advanced business software solutions and services, which support the digital transformation for business organizations, specially ERP “ Enterprise Resource Planning “. DIRAC SYSTEMS is an Egypti...

CodeZone is an Egyptian company established in October 2010 in the field of software Development. CodeZone has been developing huge ERP systems “MYELIN –IZONE –PeopleZone” to manage all business processes in all industries using state-of-the-art techno...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Business force-ERP

bedab software providing a wide range of solutions , products & services , full solution portfolio of Hospital & Medical , ERP , Fulle Retail Management system ,E-Commerce , CAFM , CMS , Queuing , Wego Platorm , Resturants & coffeshops management syste...

Banking and Finance Information Technology (B&F Soft) is a company that specializes in both Islamic and commercial core banking systems and banking IT solutions

Cyber Talents is a platform that ranks cyber security talents across the globe according to their skills in different cyber security categories through Capture The Flag Contests in order to be hired by recruiters.

ASSESS Talent Management is a talent acquisition and development company that specializes in psychometric testing and assessment technology, and we are the winner of this year’s AUC Entrepreneurship award by the AUC Venture Lab. Our award-winning bi-li...

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View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Step2 Future

WHY CHOOSING A+ It's not a hard job to find a good software house, a business consultant or a financial advisor, however each one of them may miss some puzzle pieces to complete the whole picture and deliver you the optimum solution. A+ has the best so...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Deja Vu

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Black Belts

We provide premium consultancy services in the Middle East including benchmarking, accounting, GRC, HC, trainings, advisory , assurance and innovation

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of USE

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of 2B Systems

Heart to Heart aims to provide a full talent management consulting services to alleviate the individuals and the organizations' to their full potential and beyond. Hence, they can reach their ultimate objectives and growth and be engraved in their busi...

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Rightechs

View the solutions, services and product portfolio of Galaxy

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